The Equal Opportunity Program in the Army

The purpose of the Equal Opportunity program is to maximize the human potential and to ensure fair treatment for all persons based on fairness, justice, and equity. The goals of the program are to provide help for military personnel and family members both on and off post, in uniform or civilians no matter what place or time. No matter what the Army will provide Equal Opportunity and fair treatment for the Army community and create and maintain effective units by eliminating negative behaviors or practices that undermine teamwork, respect, and loyalty.

No matter what race you are or color, gender, religion, and national origin the army will provide Equal Opportunity to all family and personnel. Yes I do understand my alarm tone could be offensive and if I had known it was set to that I would have changed it. It was my fault not briefing my wife on army policy and what is appropriate and what is not. That material is not appropriate at work, recreational environments or anywhere outside of your own home.

Not only can verbal language offend people but also symbols, posters, and insignias. Then we hit into gender discrimination, national origin, prejudice, and race. Everyone who knows me, knows that I am 100% against gender discrimination more than any other. Any attitude, action of a person that bashes a person or group because of skin color or race is definitely racism.

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