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Opportunity for Prince Khalid

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Dear Max,
Good Day!
Hope this email finds you in good health, Reference to our previous discussion regarding our new company Saudi Al Aamal Al Meraikhi & giving you a business opportunity for Prince Khalid Bin Al Waleed as the profile has been given to Prince Khalid & you. Al Meraikhi Group is one of the leading construction companies in the region; based in Abu dhabi they own the biggest precast factory in GCC.
If you get the chance to visit Abu dhabi you will realize that they are the ones who have worked on majority of the constructions in Abu dhabi for example most of the bridges , tunnels , carparks, hospitals and Sheikh Zayed University and many more which you can find in the profile I’ve submitted.

Also in Dubai you can see the Marina district they are the ones that built majority of the towers. To put it in a short way they have a good know how in the precast industry.

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Opportunity for Prince Khalid
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We act as a joint venture company for a Saudi identity under the name of Saudi Al Aamal Al Meraikhi and the Meraikhi Group owns the 50% of the company while the other 50% is as follows:
* 20% Mr. Khalid Al Baltan
* 15% Mr. Salah Bakhaswain
* 15% Al Aamal Agencies.
The intention of the new company in Saudi Arabia is to target the strategic and giant projects, projects that are not less than three hundred million riyals. With the Meraikhi identity and Experience and know how we have managed to get a project for the National Guard as a sub contract with Saudi Oger, It is a residential about 3300 units and a boundary wall of three hundred square km. And this project is worth seven hundred thirty one million riyals; we have already gotten the location and the area for the project and started the precast factory on location.
The idea that I got from you is that prince Khalid is interested in a very reliable well known construction company, so as we discussed that I can see an opportunity for Prince Khalid to be a partner in the company especially because this.

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