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Erin Brockovich

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Erin and Mr. Masry, her boss were facing big problems on its huge case againts PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric) were which is a billion dollar company. While Erin investigating and collecting data on this case she came across a file regarding one of the clients that really intrigued her and decided to explore it. Later on she found out that the neighboring village of a PG&E factory had contaminated water due to the PG&E operations.

She interviewed a few residents and discovered that most of them were ill because of the contamination and that PG&E was hiding this information from the residents.

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Erin Brockovich is the main character in the movie. She is smart with a very powerful personality and straight-forward that always says what’s on her mind. She was a former beauty queen that maintains a good looking appearance. She wears daring and revealing clothes and doesn’t care what people think and say about her about this.

Erin is willing to do whatever it takes to support her family. She was married twice and got divorced twice too. She has 2 daughters and son named Katie, Beth and Matthew. The boss of Erin named Ed Masry, he owns the law firm where Erin works.

He was at first the lawyer of Erin to her Traffic Case. But they did not win the case due to Erin’s behavior inside the court. Erin was blaming him for not winning the case and for being more broken as she can’t have any more finance. Erin’s first Impression to Ed was a “dumb hick” who looks like someone who has a lot of fun. Ed in reality is a smart man, but and doesn’t have confidence to speak up. George is Erin’s love interest throughout the movie. He watches Erin’s kids while she is at work. George is a rider; he is in a motorcycle crew. He is a nice and caring man.

He treats Erin and her kids with respect. Donna Jensen is the client n the case that started Erin’s investigation. Erin wanted to find out why PG&E needed to know Donna’s family medical records and what it had to do with selling a house. She has cancer caused by chromium poisoning. She has husband with a disease and two kids that she is afraid to get diseases too. She is the first person Erin tells about winning the case. At the end of the movie she received $3 million in compensation of the damage that the PG&E had caused to her family. Kurt Potter is another lawyer that joins with Ed and Erin in the case.

He provides Ed’s firm with money to fund the case. The case would not have been won without his interference. At first he, he doesn’t seem like a nice man but later they learned to trust him. Charles Embry was seen as weird, creepy man in the movie. He met Erin in the beginning of the movie. Erin meets him again at a bar, but this time she thinks that he is hitting in her. Charles Embry ended up being the man that cracks the case. He told Erin that he worked at the Hinkley plant cleaning the cooling towers and he was told to destroy certain documents.

Turns out he kept the documents that prove the main PG&E plant in San Francisco knew what was going on in the plant at Hinkley. He turned over the documents to Erin. What made him do this is that his cousin passed away from kidney tumors caused by the chromium poisoning. PG&E and it’s plant engineer trying to protect the facts from the people of Hinkley that they are using chromium 6 in their water which is this element is harmful and can cause tumors to people that are in taking, digesting and breathing of it along it’s environment.

While on the other hand the Main office in San Francisco trying to protect the company by buying the properties of the residents around the plantation of PG&E in Hinkley to avoid more residents to be sick or be affected of whatever illness may the chromium 6 may cause to the residents of the community around the plantation. At first, Ed was having trouble in handling the case as he did not have much evidence and strong statements from his clients or plaintiffs regarding on the case. He has also having trouble in doing researches as it was really challenging to achieve even to Erin

Erin has been a big part of winning the case because she has all the courage, knowledge and confidence on the case. She gained this through her willingness, commitment and determination to work hard on getting statements, signatories from the plaintiffs and enough evidence that could make their defense strong enough on the court. Her manner and passion on talking with people gave her much edge to get along with them, she even sympathized with them that made her get their side easier.

PG&E did not do or took care of its corporate social responsibilities to its community as they let the people and animals that lived around the area of the plantation had been breathing, ingesting, and absorbing dangerous toxins into their bodies for decades that caused different illness to the residents and even caused death for the many. They could have avoid ending up paying huge amount of money to the plaintiffs if they have done even long long ago what is right to do to their plantation. They should have removed the chromium 6 from the water and removed it from their operations to avoid greater loss that had caused them more.

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