Push/Precious Paper (Interpret the Movie and the Book)

Push/Precious Paper “Life is hard. Life is short. Life is painful. Life is rich. Life is …. Precious. ” That sentence gives a fairly accurate indication of a film that portrays both the harsh, brutal, dark sides of life – while making room for a belief in the goodness and hope for the future. In the movie “Precious”, the main character is a 16-year-old girl who lives a life of economically, socially and mentally difficulty. We get a glimpse into an environment that is rarely portrayed on film, and few have access to in real life.

We are confronted with a number of different prejudices, which are portrayed very roughly, and may leave us stunned and shocked. Precious is a film that shows the influence our childhood, parents and the environment have on us – and how it, against all odds, is possible to change your life. The film, which takes place among poor African Americans in Harlem, has been a great success – surprisingly large. For it’s raw social realism and its character-driven drama, it doesn’t come of as an immediately Blockbuster-success. But the film’s qualities are so obvious that not only reviewers but also the general public has embraced it.

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The name of the novel “Push” is a word that means “to push or to achieve something”. These words have a meaning that Precious must focus on survival. Therefore, Precious have to push through her life, so she can move forward. If Precious ever want to move forward in life, she needs to get a chance to get away from all the mistreatment from her parents, and her very tough life. Also, Precious is not the only girl who has got to push life forward. In the daily life, you should be able to deal with your own situation in order to move forward.

Some use their psychologist, doctor, friends and family who support and care, but in the novel Precious uses her classmates and her teacher. She quotes how her classmates and Mrs. Rain are like a family to her: “Theze girlz ice my friends. In er like the baby in a way ’cause I was only 16 first day I walk in. They visit the hospital da I had Abdul and take up a collection da Mama Kick me out and bring stuff two half way house for me – clothes, cassette player, tuna fish, and Cambull soup, and stuff. They and Ms. Rain is my friends and family. “

It is not easy for Precious pushing her life further when she finds out that she has HIV. Therefore, Precious fight against it, and she uses school to forget all the bad experiences, so Precious continue to read and write. Some dream to make one life more comfortable, but you also have to be realistic, so you have to believe not dream too much, because it’s only a dream, and one should not expect it to be a reality. If you have experienced something bad, then you shouldn’t look back, because happened has happened. It hurts at first, but gradually it becomes good again, time heels all wounds.

After all Precious has experienced, she has a lot of practice to move forward, and eventually she becomes an independent girl. I will come up with suggestions as to why the main character named Precious. Precious’ name has the meaning valuable, precious and expensive. When one interprets Precious’ name, you imagine, that she has a perfect life with hope. ”My name mean somethin’ valuable – Precious. Claireece, that somebody else’s name. I don’t know where my muver get that shit from. ” But in this situation is Precious not valuable in her parents’ eyes.

Precious’ parents do not see her as precious or valuable, but they see her as a “stone”. The life of Precious is very painful and short. She hasn’t felt love as a child. There are some certain periods in life when you have difficulties and trauma. We see our suffering in various ways. Sometimes life’s problems too difficult, so one can only come about by overcoming the force. Therefore, we need help from other people, they can tackle our problems through their words, advice and their susceptibility, and therefore people play an important role when they want to help us. In this occasion, one can compare

Precious’ life with ours. When we have problems, we receive help from others, as opposed to Precious overcomes she’s traumatic problem, and while she will also be using her classmates and Mrs. Rain. Authenticity has been highlighted as a high quality film of many reviewers. And the authentic touch is no coincidence. The novel “Push” is based on author Sapphire’s own experiences as a teacher in Harlem. The film’s director Lee Daniels has chosen to cast his people from their character type and charisma, and there is no trained actors in the film, which I think makes it more believable and harsh.

In addition, the film is shot in a documentary like style and can in all manner characterized as social realism, both in terms of environmental portrayal as a theme. It was a great judgment to shoot in a documentary style, because it makes the movie a lot tougher, so is the book. In the book, Precious are characterized as this girl who talks with a huge accent, a very afro American way. She doesn’t care at all what people thinks, but you can sense her insecurity. She puts a wall up, so she won’t show any emotions or seem weak.

The film was not as graphically compared to the book. The book focuses more on Precious than the history’s action. In the book you get a detailed description of how Precious’ mother abusing her, and how Precious’ horrible flashback says she thinks of her father, but only in a negative way: “He stink (… ) Daddy sick me, disgust me. ” While I saw the movie, I could immediately tell that there are missing scenes in the movie. Such as in the book you find out that Precious is expelled from school, and then Preccious hits Mrs..

Lichenstein, because Precious doesn’t think it is fair to expel her because she is pregnant: “I was gonna yank here grab ass out att chair. She fell backwards trying to get away from me ‘n started screaming, “SECURITY SECURITY! ” In the book you also get to know that Precious will be admitted to the hospital because her mother hideously abuses her. In the film we see only that Precious’ mother throws a frying pan after Precious. In the movie is Mrs.. Rain portrayed as a tall and beautiful woman in relation to the book, where I thought of her as a very strict woman because of her personality.

It’s obvious that the movie is not as detailed as the book by far. In the book, Precious is very detailed about her abuse by her father. She describes how it feels and how it happened. In the movie ends it with that Precious still decides to improve her life for herself and her children. Precious cuts off all attachment ties to her mother, and has plans to finish her education. Broadly speaking, I think that the director frames the book’s message absolutely fantastic. Both are very thorough. What you will not find in the film, you will find in the book and vice versa.

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