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ESPN Brand Case Study

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  • Pages 3
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    1. ESPN brand to consumers is quality sports content media that is available to sports fans giving them what they want anytime, wherever they are; is a brand that is brash, tech savvy, creative, and innovative. Its mission is to reach and make sports fan happy. 2. ESPN is selling an all-sports network, a multiplatform brand with high quality content of sporting events that are on demand. The core benefits for ESPN channel alone is currently more than 96 million homes, it is only one piece of a bigger brand puzzle in the cable network that has become Bodenheimer’s $ 6 billion sports empire.

    An actual product is SportsCenter ESPN’s first program has as many as 93 million viewers each month; it’s the only nightly, full-hour sports news program, for such reason it remains the network’s flagship studio show; as well as ESPN Radio, ESPN The Magazine, ESPN. com, and Mobile ESPN. ESPN augmented product offer consumer services such as college and major league sports events, sports talk shows, fans can access content carried by EPSN’s other networks, sports video games.

    In addition to that, ESPN is exploring the limits of the internet and provides sports content via branded ESPN video player in AOL’s portal, and on top of that Mobile ESPN was designed as ESPN’s own cell phone network putting content into sports into fan’s pockets 24/7. 3. Yes, ESPN have a strong brand equity because it is one of the biggest franchises in sports, and is one of the most successful and envied brands in the entertainment world. During any seven-day period, 120 million people ages 12 to 64 interact with some ESPN medium.

    As a cable network, ESPN commands $2. 91 from cable operators for each subscriber every month. Its brand equity relates to its brand value for that reason, it became the first cable network to land the coveted TV contract for Monday Night Football, which went on to become the highest rated cable series ever. Since obtaining ESPN in 1995 as part of the ABC acquisition this brand has delivered on the numbers and it according to Disney’s then CEO is worth substantially more than what they paid for the entire acquisition. . Co-branding efforts involving the ESPN brand are when ESPN content was integrated into its sibling network ABC, which allows ESPN on ABC to be home for the NBA finals, NASCAR, NCAA football, NCAA basketball, World Cup Soccer, British Open, and the IndyCar Series. It is exploring the limits of the internet through AOL, its phone network is available with premium content through Verizon Wireless and Qualcomm; and it is part of the Walt Disney Company.

    The possible benefits are to be able to reach a broader consumer appeal, and greater brand equity; it also allows the company to expand its existing brand into a category that otherwise would be very difficult to be part of. The possible risks are if one of the partners fails to follow the legal contracts and licenses or if one of the co-branding goes into bankruptcy. That’s why each partner must take good care of its brand or it can hurt not only the one brand, but all the co-brand partners as well. . ESPN have been taking quality sports content across the wildest possible collection of media assets, to reach sports fan wherever they may be, employing a hands-off management style. Their only rules have been that every new idea must focus on fulfilling the network’s mission of reaching sports fan and making them happy. It have build a good brand equity, and have co-branded with other meganetworks in order to reach categories that otherwise would have been difficult to reach.

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