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Essay about Investigatory Project

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Investigatory project In science II LEMON SHOE POLISH SUBMITTED BY: BETANIA MARIE SARMIENTO II-our lady of pillar SUBMITTED TO: SIR benedick Dela Cruz I Introduction: Polished shoes look great and last longer. This investigatory project will help you how to make a top-rate shoe polish from things that you already have at home. II. Statement of problems How will you do a good shoe polish? III. Methodology Cooking oil Dayap juice (Lime juice) Container IV. Procedure Combine one part dayap juice to two parts cooking oil to form a polish.

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Essay about Investigatory Project
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Use a clean cloth to rub a small amount of the polish into your clean and dry shoes. Then, allow it to soak in for a few minutes. Polish with another cloth, and enjoy your shiny shoes. Repeat monthly or as needed to extend the life of your leather shoes. V. Result and Discussion Polished shoes look great and last longer, this lemon shoe polish is very affordable, chemical-free, environmentally-friendly and all natural.

VI. Conclusion Usually a waxy paste or a cream is a consumer product used to polish, shine, waterproof, and restore the appearance of leather shoes or boots, thereby extending the footwear’s life.

This homemade shoe polish extracts the natural oil of the dayap and the cooking oil that can keep the shoes natural shine. VII. Recommendation I recommend to the entire buyer of this shoe polish, to create their own shoe polish to lessen your expenses. You can replace any lemon juice or olive oil for the main ingredients. VIII. Bibliography http://www. investigatoryprojectexample. com/example. html http://frugalliving. about. com/od/beautyhealthcare/qt/Shoe_Polish. htm

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Essay about Investigatory Project. (2017, Jan 16). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/essay-about-investigatory-project/

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