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Investigatory Project Sample

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Mayonnaise-Sprite Solution is a better conditioner to be used for hair. The intent of this survey is to assist adult female in our coevals work out their jobs of holding dull dry hair.The experimental design is that the dependant variable is hair and the independent variable is mayonnaise-sprite solution and pick silk.We found out that mayonnaise-sprite solution gives us smooth satiny hair, the benefit is that hair will be manageable in all kinds of conditions it is non crisp and dry and pone signifier breakage.

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Investigatory Project Sample
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Peoples nowadays ; particularly adult female, are holding a desire and passion to hold straighter, shinier and more efficient hair that they could be proud of. So we explored and put our cognition to the trial to come up with an experimental survey of comparing Mayonnaise-Sprite solution and certain merchandise and determine which 1 could demo satisfaction among adult females. Then we merely conducted a comparative survey of pick silk and mayonnaise-sprite solution.


Can Mayonnaise-Sprite solution be a better hair conditioner than Cream Silk?


Mayonnaise-Sprite solution can be a better hair conditioner than a commercial conditioner.


*To aid adult female accomplish brilliant-looking hair that is bouncy, full of life, glistening and healthy. *We want others to cognize that things in their kitchen can be home made merchandises to keep a shinney and full of life hair.

Significance OF THE STUDY:As our coevals progresss to travel frontward adult female are holding a great passion and are hungering to spontaneous-looking hair. And so we compared our really ain Mayonnaise-sprite solution and pick silk to see which one would take a better reaction to your hair as better executing hair conditioner as we researched for more in the field of survey about hair, a radical discovery hit us.we merely found that our hair is composed of natural ceratin and as we grow older, our hair loses some ceratins due to excessively much frequent brushing. That’s why we have dull, crisp and unwieldy hair. SCOPE AND LIMITATION:

Mayonnaise is made out of existent eggs ; protein is presented in the substance. And as we are prone to eat nutrients or use merchandises that are rich in protein it is easy conduced into keratin.some of it are turned into natural ceratin and some of it are used up ceratin is of course present in our solution.

DEFINITION OF TERMS:*Keratin- a protein organizing the footing of hair, nails and horns.*dull- lacking in force, strength or acuteness.*frizzy-form into a mass of tight coils.*unmanageable-difficult to command.*revolutionary-so new and different as to do a major alteration in something.


A scientific study and article was made by Ms. Johanne Arbillo that mayonnaise-sprite solution s a better conditioner for dry crisp hair.


1. Mayonnaise2. Sprite3. Cream silk conditioner4. Bowl5. Tablespoon6. beater


1. Prepare and procure all stuffs needed.2. Mix mayonnaise and sprite together to hold the mayonnaise-sprite solution.3. Use onto a representative’s hair. Leave on for 30 proceedingss. At the same clip use cream silk on another representative4. After go forthing on for 30 proceedingss rinse good or merely until the strong olfactory property disappears.5. comparison consequences


Therefore we conclude Mayonnaise-sprite solution is a better hair status than pick silk because it is made out of eggs and causes hair to bring forth natural ceratin. It gives us a brilliant-looking hair that is bouncy, full of life, glistening, smooth and healthy hair.

Recommendation:Use Mayonnaise-Sprite Solution after every shampoo leave on 30 proceedingss.

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