Essay about Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin, was born on December 18th of the year 1879. He is an important figure in history and made some changes, though I must admit not for the best. He can be classified as one of the most powerful leaders and dictators of the Soviet Union. He was the leader of the Soviet Union for twenty five years and in this period of time made so many changes and killed millions of Innocent people that stood In his path.

Joseph Stalin also made use of different weapons that would eventually lead to the fall of Nazism. When he was young he grew up having very little resources and lived in Georgia, which was part of the Russian empire at the time. Although he was not a good person, he was Interested In educating himself since the beginning, he showed this when he studied and a theological seminary and this is where he read books that inspired him. He read a lot about Marxism when he was at the seminary and this type of literature gave him ideas of society should be like.

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He did not graduate because he decided to loin revolutionary movements against the Russian monarchy, therefore got into trouble a lot He got arrested several times and was exiled to Siberia. He began to build a base to start on when he was taken as a rank of a party in the Bolshevik seizure of power in 1917. He was made a general of a communist party and they allowed him to have power at this point. When the higher rank died, Stalin took his place, therefore becoming a political heir and soon he was gaining more power and eventually became a dictator in the late sass’s.

His rise to power basically consisted of taking away power and rising against his political and ideological opponents. He also started what was called “The Great Terror”, which referred to the purges he started to make against anyone who would oppose him. The punishments he gave people were very cruel and varied. He put people in prison and often carried them out of the country after trials. A show trial was made in Moscow to show others how these people were to be punished In other countries as well and follow the example.

There were four mall trials In general from 1936 to 1938 which were part of the great purge. They were The Trial of the Sixteen, Trial of the Seventeen, Trial of Red Army generals and Trial of the Twenty One. In these trials many generals were killed including Marshal Tchaikovsky and Buchanan. Joseph Stalin not only made a major Impact In the history of the Soviet union, but also In World War II when he made a pact called the Molotov- Robertson with Nazis. This pact consisted of a division between the eastern parts of Europe into two powers.

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