Why Did Stalin Become Dictator?

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Why Ad Stalin Become a Dictator? At the beginning of the 20th century. Russia was a very poor country. Most of the people were peasants, and there was very little industry. After the First World War, things only got worse; the army suffered many huge defeats. The poorest of the people were starving, due to a shortage of food. During the war, In 1917 the communists came about by two Important revolutions; they were led by Lenin. Communism is a system of government in which the state controls the economy and one party holds power, attempting to make progress towards a higher social order, in which the people equally share all goods out.

Russia was renamed Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). In 1924 however, Lenin died, and within a few years Josef Stalin replaced him. The question is, why did so many people decide to trusts man, who grew Into another world known dictator? Mainly due to the fact that Russia was made up primarily of very poor people, the opportunity of spreading everything out equally, would be a pleasing one tort them, and they would benefit from it. He promised changed and gave people hope in a better life without war, many would admit that although he was very crude. T the same time, he was efficient and accomplished his goals.

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Additionally, it is very probable that some people followed him because they feared him. Another important reason as to why Stalin was able to come Into power, was because of his position. Stalin held the position of General Secretary of the Party. This was seen as synonymous to leader, which gave him the reputation of been very responsible, strong and capable of being a leader. Stalin was also very cunning. He had made his opponents appear to be weaker, to the people. For example, Trotsky, one very powerful contestant, seemed disloyal and circumspectly to Lenin, as Stalin didn’t allow him to find out about the latter’s funeral.

Stalin made the most of this opportunity to gain support from the Communist Party by promoting himself to be chosen the leader of the USSR. He was also tactically skilful. He would alter his theories according to those he could recognize as popular, to gain more support from party members. What was Life Like under Stalin’s dictatorship? Was it as good as the people expected? Well, in one way, the situation in Russia improved greatly. In the sass’s and sass’s industry grew very quickly, which also meant much more jobs for ordinary people of the USSR, and therefore the economy improving.

The Communists also improved education and health care for everyone. However, life under his dictatorship was mostly hard, full of deaths, starvation and violence. No one was allowed to have religious beliefs, but everyone was encouraged to obey, and almost worship Stalin, with many pictures and statues of hall put up. (Similar to the situation In Italy, with Mussolini). Moreover, peasants weren’t allowed to own their own farms, instead working in collective farms with there, owned by the state.

Anyone who objected to the rules was either executed, sent to labor camps or sent out to remote areas of Northern Russia. Any well-off peasants (kulaks) were killed in thousands. The famine problems didn’t improve in the slightest- In 1932-33 over 5 million peasants died of starvation. Finally, no other ‘ Off countries were worried about what happened in Russia, and didn’t want any similar communist revolutions occurring elsewhere. The USSR was therefore isolated, which meant Stalin felt threatened about being attacked.

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