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Essay About Worldview Christian

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    A religious worldview that is impacting a society marketplace today. Worldview is the frameiwork from which we view reality and how we perceive the world and life itself. Whether conscious or subconscious everyone has an some type of a world view. Every religion in the world has its own worldview . This worldview tries to explain the realities that resolve around the religion and the purpose of life and existence at large. Its any philosophy, ideology, movement or thoeologoy that gives an approach to the understanding of God and the relationship of humans and God. One worldview that is shaping and changing the current society and views of people spirtuality and religion is the chrisian orgins of mankind the creation theory.

    According to Dockery the Christian view of the orgin of mankind is that God created human beings in his own image. The Christian views shapes the moral opinion of the people who believes in the Christian faith, this is the aspect of marriage, politics, food, God, economics, education, and a lot more. Although a great percentage of the world that attributes to the Christians views which insist that humans are created in the image of God and that God is flawless and we should try to follow the same path. There is still a miss that society experiences that brings misfits into the view.

    Remarkably the society in which we should live in harmony within themselves. According to the Davis every religion has been a point of some references in the marketplace in terms of ideas , and the way of doing things. He also brings a argument that is the clash of worldview, which is currently affecting the way things are being done. Such as the economy and personal beliefs, it alson affects the type of movies, music that is being produced, education in the schools and what is being taught in general.

    A discovery that davis puts across the worldview saying Christianity view gives some type of internal security bout self, which gives knowledge and stability regarding their beliefs. The lack of beliefs brings insecurity that causes doubt and weakens original beliefs of the specific view. The views of Christians pushes Christians to conform to it. The understanding of worldview enables the folowers to make changes within society and their communities. The Non believers of the Christians worldview has led to degradation and destruction of values and morals, that has sicken the society over the years more that it has in the past. Globalization and technological advancements in communication and transportation have an equal positive and negativWpe impact in the way worldview is spread throughout the world.

    Its important for Christians that are full time advocates of the worldview to acquire as much knowledge as possible in order to solve the current social problems that are out here in the world regarding Christian views. Worldview impacts our lives in so many ways even when we don’t actually recognize it, its all in our everyday lives in our government systems, educational and so much more. It is not the government place to have influence on humans religions or practices but It is the government job to providea environment where the churches could freely advacate the purpose of good.

    The vision of this environment is active by laws and regulations that are set into place which allows people in society to do Gods work. As they came up with American Constitution they tried to design it based off of Christian worldview. To create an environment it was design to mimic the ultimate authority and to them that was Gods authority for the faith and practice of human beings.

    They approach they took was built in primary relationships of a government based on Christian worldview. Delivery justice and promote societal. They also tried to introduce checks and balances to keep government from overstepping its role in human freedom. In order for us to change this in our society and to be open regarding Christian world view its going to take a lot of effort and support to change the course of yohistory regarding this Christian Worldview and its going to start by us our own understanding of what God truth and to implicate that into family. And it is all possible with knowledge and understanding and helpjng people to understand as well.

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