Mr. Kehlers and Kehlers Gymnastics & Kids Fun Factory

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For the parents keeping their kids safe Is a requirement but for the staff It the rules can be tedious. The way Mr.. Keller portrays himself to his costumers Is a very different person then he portrays to his staff. Walking around you can feel the overwhelming attitude of the workers, fun, lovable, cheerful is how they are trained to be. Leaving work sometimes I feel like my jaw and mouth hurt from smiling for sometimes nine hours at a time.

Gymnastics, cheerleaders, open tumbling, kids fun factory, rock wall, kids birthday parties are just some of the many things offered at Sellers Gymnastics Center, people come from all around to take advantage of their services. Working for them has been a rewarding yet challenging endeavor, coming up on four years being with the company knowing it inside an out has its advantages. Knowing how to follow each rule that is in place comes with its own challenges so I talked to an Assistant Manager at Sellers Gymnastics Center named Michael Vicarious. Michael was asked how he liked working for Mr..

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Keller, he responded, “l do Like working for this company but the strict rules and always being deadlines takes a toll on you. ” Michael was also asked If he thinks the rules are too much for the staff to handle, he replied, ‘Yes I sometimes do, many of the workers looked stressed out and frustrated instead of happy and energetic like they should be. ” He was asked if he thought the costumers sense the hostile environment of Sellers, “sometimes I do have costumers see employees being reprimanded and I feel like I should go and apologize to them but that is also not allowed. Through the interview Michael did express that without certain rules the place could not run smoothly but it is taken to an extreme. Sellers Gymnastics is home to many deferent types of Gymnastics classes and I sat down and interview a mother who takes her three and five year old to Gymnastics classes every Tuesday nights. Mrs.. Garcia was asked how long she has been sending her kids to classes at Sellers, she responded about two years. She then was asked If she has ever come In direct contact with Mr.. Keller and If so, how does she think he runs his business.

Mrs.. Garcia expressed that she has talked to him many times over the Gymnastics, “l have also felt uncomfortable around him when he starts yelling at one of the coaches in front of the parents. ” When asked why does she still send her kids to a place where the owner yells at his employees, she responded because the coaches her are amazing it could be because of the rules they follow but they really know what they are doing and how to get the best out of both my daughters. Sellers Gymnastics and Kids Fun Factory is a place to go with children of all ages.

Even though Mr.. Keller runs a tight ship he knows how to achieve success by keeping every kid safe. Working for Mr.. Sellers can be exhausting and stressful at times but knowing that you are getting to work with kids who love being there is worth all the rules and regulations that come with the Job. As I left the building I knew I would be returning for work the next day, the hard work does pay off when you see the children you teach walk out smiling and happy with the experience they have at Seller’s Gymnastics Center and Kids Fun Factory.

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