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Cold Desert Biome Food Web



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    This is a biome which is an Ocean shore environment. Animals that live here find their food in the water. Some of the Preys go on to the land to rest or reproduce, but food that they eat is in the water. The Artic is the area around the North pole while the Antarctic is the area around the South pole. Plant plankton are eaten by the Krills; the Krills are eaten by the fish, fish are eaten by the seals and the seals are eaten by the Killer Whales.

    Decompose The Decompose are mostly the Ice, snow and Rocks and also Bacteria on the ottom of the ocean floor and that is where the producers brings nutrients from the bottom of the water and these creature thrives for them. Producers are in microsopic in size. Tiny diatoms, crustaceans and protozoams live here. The bring nutrients from the bottom of the water for the creature to survie. Primary Consumers are Krills, shrimp, small fishes and the squid which eats tiny lifeforms such as plankton and plants. The Krills are the most important because they swarmp in large numbers.

    They are a very important part of the food chain in the water. During the Hurricane seasons there numbers reduced by the changes in the water and many large animals straved. Secondary Consumers feeds on the Krill which are the Humback Whales, Seals and many kinds of fishes feeds on smaller fishes too. Many seabirds untilze these resources and in the Antarctic, the penguins also feeds on them. Top Predators are the Killer Whales. The adapted to their niche in a cold environment. They eat what they can catch and prey on penguins and seals mostly. Polar Bears occupy this position in the Arctic North.

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