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Competent Intercultural Communication

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Competent Intercultural Communication What does it mean to be a competent communicator and a competent intercultural communicator? A Competent communicator defines as a person who can communicate with others properly and sufficiently, and a competent intercultural communicator is the ability to communicate effectively and appropriately with people of other cultures. It takes many abilities to be an effective competent communicator and an effective competent intercultural communicator. While some environments and factors can affect the way you communicate properly, there are also abilities that can help you achieve better communication.

In this discussion I will be comparing and contrasting the concepts of both competent communication and competent intercultural communication. One way to be a competent communicator is to be aware of things that can affect the way you communicate. For example, your environment. Personal experiences and your personal cultural background can affect the way you think about others, which can resultantly affect the way you communicate. While you might think something you do is right and ethical, while another person might find it wrong and unethical, or vice versa.

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Competent Intercultural Communication
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This can make communication more of a challenge or impossible. One way to eliminate this problem is to try to be more understanding to someone’s background, to put yourself into their shoes and to understand that everyone has different backgrounds and different ways of perceiving what is right and wrong. It is important to remember that people from different backgrounds often can share enough common ground to make an effective relationship which can lead to effective communication. Another way to be a competent communicator is to be .

. .de when having trouble interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds. Both competent and intercultural communicators the same concept as to how to communicate effectively, but different methods to do it correctly. In conclusion, there are similarities and differences that can make effect the way you communicate as a competent and intercultural communicator. As a competent communicator you can have things effect your communication such as noise and environment, and as an intercultural communicator high and low context can affect your communication. They also have similarities such as having the goal to make you become a better communicator no matter the situation. Whether you are a competent communicator or intercultural communicator, you can always continue to learn to become a better communicator and find ways to improve your communication skills.

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