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What was a positive result of the reign of terror



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    The French Revolution is the revolution in France against the Bourbons third. The French Revolution happened especially because of the third estates, which were more than 95% of people in France. They were also the poor people that did not have enough money, and on top of this they had to pay taxes, and pay for everything. Meanwhile, the nobles and wealthy people had so much money and owned lands, but did not have to pay for taxes. The people were divided into 3 estates, first estate that were the wealthy and nobles” didn’t need to pay taxes”.

    Second estate, which were the middle class people that didn’t have money but didn’t have to pay for taxes too, and third estate that were the very poor people that had to pay for everything including taxes, and were the hardest working of all. The people were divided into 3 estates, first estates that were the wealthy people and nobles that had lands. Second estate, the middle class people that had land and a job, but didn’t have money, and didn’t have to pay for taxes. Third estate, that were the most hard working, but poor people that had to pay for taxes.

    Louis XVI was the king of France, he did not care about people and was always traveling to Versailles for parties, even when they were in a bad situation, one example is bankruptcy. Marie Antoinette was the wife of Louis WI. Women’s that March on Versailles in order to get captures to use against “blackmail”, they were important because they captured the king and queen. Louis XVI could have prevented the French revolution, if he changed some laws and made it fair, also if he cared. The g estates all wanted to have a estates meeting in order to solve their problems.

    The first estate did not care much, because they had everything “owned land, and didn’t need to pay taxes”. The real change needed to happen for the third estate, because they are the ones that don’t have anything and are 95% of France, and also they are the most hardworking. The biggest problem they had is that on top of all this they are the only ones which had to pay for taxes. The third estate even couldn’t buy bread, because it was too expensive so some died from hunger. The third estate had a right and had to revolt, because they were very hard irking and poor, and so they were in severe position.

    Women’s marching on Versailles got a blackmail of the king and queen. The king and queens reaction to this issue was seeing that there was no right to revolt, and instead of fixing the problems and actually making it up to them to make them happy, and learning from there mistakes that they did. The king and queen decided to threaten them thinking this will solve everything, this way of dealing with things wont actually solve anything other than make everything worse.

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