The Pros and Cons of New Year’s Resolutions

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“Happy New Year’ think resolutions are a good thing to start doing, at least if you are someone who wants to accomplish goals you never even considered. Challenge yourself. Set and Achieve those goals you set. It will give you a great boost of confidence w hen starting the new year. Start with something a little easy, don’t set the bar too high. Each year that you achieve your resolution, make a new one. Every time make title harder.

Just don t make a resolution that you know you can’t achieve beef ore the new year. It would be sad if you stressed out the night of new years eve freaking out how you are going to be TABLE to achieve your goal. Something like e that isn’t worth putting in your way, you nor your time is worth the stress. Besides, who wants to go into the new year feeling depressed? Not fun right? An example of one of these ambiguous goals would be winning the lottery, cause its impossible right?

If you know it’s impossible, then don’t pretend the at you have a chance of accomplishing it by the new year. Set goals like losing weight, not like 200 pounds, but maybe set a goal that you know u can coma polish. And if u do make that goal before the new year, keep going on from there. Do stop, keep going. Surprise yourself, you might lose twice as much weight than you suspected. What are you waiting for? Get the new year started off right!

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