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Teenager’s Choices



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    Teenager’s Choices

                With the increasing diversity happening in the workplace and society, individuals now have wider choices in the decisions that they make. They are given the liberty to express what they want and desire what they dream. Though this may be the case, there is a corresponding responsibility associated in the process. This brings about practices that are questionable by moral and civic standards such as abortion. As the debate between the practice of freedom and moral responsibility clashes, there are varied approaches that can be deciphered. In the end, the preference remains on the hands of individuals as they try to balance between their ethical values and what is appropriate.

    Abortion is a process performed to end a pregnancy before birth occurs. There are two movement concerning on the issue of abortion, Pro-life movement and Pro-choice movement. Pro-life is a movement opposing to abortion and support for fetal rights. Pro-choice is the movement which support that a woman should have complete control over her fertility and the choice to have an abortion. Many teens choose to have an abortion rather than give birth. There are many reasons why teens choose to have an abortion. This project will look at those reasons and also the different views on abortion.

    Pro- life views an abortion as an unethical action. It opposes to the practice and supports the fatal rights because the belief that fetuses and embryos are also human beings and have the right to live.  These advocates believe that any purposeful damage of a human life is regarded as wrong and unacceptable. They view human life as sacred and everyone have their own rights to live.  Their major goal is to renovate legal protection to innocent human life. This movement also has similar views on abortion and human rights to many religions, including Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam. As people try to understand and practice their faith, morality and preservation of life remains to be their primary motivation to believe and learn from the process. They all view abortion as murder and are opposing to it.

    Pro-life also has a movement on teen abortion. “ While legislation has provided the opportunity for the teen-parent dialogue, pro-life education and support for pro-life abortion alternatives have helped to convince teens and their parents to choose life rather than death for their unborn child” (O’Bannon).  Teen abortion rate has also declined which mean that the teenager chooses life rather than to have an abortion. “Teen abortion rate among teen ages 15 to 17 has declined by 45 percent since 1990, from 26.5 abortions per 1,000 teen females in 1990 to 14.5 abortion per 1,000 teen females in 2000. Overall, teen abortion rates have been declining since the late 1980s” (Teen Abortions). These signifies a good initiative among Pro-life volunteers and advocates because there are increasing number of children who are learning to practice safe sex or traditional methods that will foster the decline of abortion.

    Pro-choice views an abortion as a right which a woman should have to control over her choices to keep or to abort a pregnancy. It believes that all women have a right over her reproduction. Pro-life supports reproductive right, including sexual education, safe abortion, fertility treatments, contraception, and legal abortion. There are many teens who are pro-life advocates. One of them, Elizabeth Pruden described her own decision to have an abortion as a teenager. Even though many people have condemned her decision but she did not change her point of view and stills supports pro-choice. She described, “My abortion has been called a selfish decision by some, and others have gone so far as to condemn me to burn in hell” (Pruden). She also said, “But women facing unplanned pregnancies don’t need to be made to feel like murdered for choosing abortion, they need to be educated about the consequences of any decision they may make, and most importantly, receive nonjudgmental support from friends, family, and society” (Pruden).

    Similarly, the idea in Pro Choice revolves around the notion that any individual has equal freedoms to choose what they want provided that they are responsible for the decisions and have justifications for their choices. That is why the approach does not try to seclude or drive people who had committed suicide away. Rather, each member tries to understand and sympathize with women especially during the hard period of conception until giving birth. By doing this, the woman now has the option to choose the appropriate procedure for her.

    Looking at it, teenager chooses to have an abortion for many reasons.  Some do it because they did not have enough support from their friends, family, and the father of their child. It is quite alarming to see teen mothers to get singled out in front of family and friends. This puts down their self confidence and the ability to overcome the problems that may come ahead. Likewise it can also prevent them from furthering their studies either due to the gossips that may the person in any way or the lack of motivation and

    Others choose abortion because they did not want to be humiliated or humiliate their parents. This means that these individuals hate to see or feel disappointed themselves because of the actions they had caused. Also people choose to have abortions because they are not ready to be parents or if they keep the babies, they have to give up their dreams and future. Many unprepared mothers see being pregnant as an obstacle in fully recognizing their long term goals in life. That is why it is better to sacrifice the life of a child today rather than risk having an unsuccessful picture.

     In addition teens are not ready for the abortions at all both physically and mentally. “The reasons women gave for their abortions (more than one reason could be given): Less than 1% for rape, incest, “impairment of major bodily function” 68% does not want child at this time”( Planned Parenthood Continues to Dominate Abortion in Minnesota; Teen Abortions Jump16%).  However, most of the women who had an abortion either did not receive or had sexual education or abortion information. Therefore, giving information and educated women about abortion will lower the abortion rate. “Minnesota’s 2003 Woman’s Right to Know law requires that all women considering abortion be given information about abortion risks, complications, and alternatives; the gestational age of their unborn child; fetal pain information; and the other materials. Last year, 652 women decided not to abort their babies after receiving this information” (Planned Parenthood Continues to Dominate Abortion in Minnesota; Teen Abortions Jump16%).

                The idea to commit abortion still remains to be a decision on the woman’s part. Since she will be the one to bear and conceive on the child, she has every right and protection from the state to practice abortion. However, when one woman does decide to engage in such practice, there are consequences that may affect their health and psychological development. Popular Issues argues that “Studies have proven that abortion may lead to an increased chance of breast cancer, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, depression, and the contraction of Viral Hepatitis, not to mention death due to excessive bleeding or other complications” (Popular Issues). Similarly, there are lasting effects that can be manifested when a woman participate in abortion. Not only shall it be detrimental to one’s health but also on the woman’s feelings and emotions can also be affected. Popular issues say that “this physical effect may cause you to feel an emotional emptiness you have never felt before” (Popular Issues).

                Now, the constant debate between the two distinct ideas is the question of whom or what side is correct. However, to argue along these lines can never bring about answers due to varied standpoints and foundations. Due to this, it is important for concerned parties to have a firm stand on what they believe in. It is also necessary to open the lines of communication and dialogue between two parties. Through this, they can create a middle line or a consensus that will bridge and establish connections between these two ideas.

                Similarly, for individuals they must create decisions that are relatively fair for every party. If committing abortion is the sole option available, it can be then done. However, if there are other actions that can be made or it is conflicting with ones personal values and ideals then it should not be administered. By choosing a rational decision making process and basing it on individual values and principles, better solutions can be made on the issue surrounding abortion.

                To conclude, there are different and contrasting views concerning the issue of abortion in society. The Pro-life and Pro-Choice movement enables each citizen to actively take part and use their principles and personal values in deciding which is right. Seeing the problems associated with this practice, it is important that concerned groups, the government and civic society to continue to educate young individuals about the importance of sexual education and abortion. By doing this, not only can the government and concerned groups limit the practice of abortion, at the same time it encourages individuals to be responsible in what they do.

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