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Citizen Kane

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My Analysis of the Movie “Citizen Kane”

Citizen Kane


Words: 1293 (6 pages)

Citizen KaneAfter watching the movie Citizen Kane I realized why this movie was named one of the best films ever. Yellow journalism was in an era from the 1880 to the 1900 and it featured flashy journalism of that time, which made editors write about invented stories. Which went to big headlines on subjects that…

Citizen Kane: A Treasure Trove of Cinematic Techniques Analysis


Citizen Kane

Words: 1026 (5 pages)

Citizen Kane is revered to be one of the greatest films to be made in movie history. The success of the film was strongly influenced by one of the most resounding names in the film industry, Orson Welles. Notably, Welles had directed, acted, co-wrote, and produced Citizen Kane. It is important to note that the…

Charles Foster Kane’s Childhood Trauma Character Analysis


Citizen Kane

Words: 1080 (5 pages)

When I was a Junior in high school, and going through some hard times, my grandma was the single most influential person in keeping me in the right path and teaching me to be strong in the process. To this day, I live by her example, and she’s a great one to do so by….

Citizen Kane: Redefining the American Dream Sample

American Dream

Citizen Kane

Words: 1042 (5 pages)

In the authoritative movie Citizen Kane. manager Orson Welles introduces the thought of the American Dream: a life of success and wealth. One’s formal outlook of this subject would be that of a perfect household life. big sums of money. a successful calling and finally. felicity. Welles redefined these outlooks through the mise-en-scene of the…

What does living the american dream mean

American Dream

Citizen Kane

Words: 2913 (12 pages)

The American Dream (discussion of the problems that arose when trying to reach the American Dream, based on three films, “Citizen Kane”, “Grapes of Wrath”, and “Death of a Salesman. “) By teenage If you are an American and if you have a family, a house and a car, a sufficient Job with a good…

Frequently Asked Questions about Citizen Kane

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What does the title Citizen Kane mean?
Being a citizen means that you're part of a community, and that you have certain responsibilities toward that community. This is exactly what Kane think of himself early in the film, as he tries to use his power and fortune to be responsible to his community and to attack the corruption of rich people and politicians.
What is the message of Citizen Kane?
The difficulty of interpreting a person's life once that life has ended is the central theme of Citizen Kane.
Who does Citizen Kane represent?
With a story spanning 60 years, the quasi-biographical film examines the life and legacy of Charles Foster Kane, played by Welles, a fictional character based in part upon the American newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst and Chicago tycoons Samuel Insull and Harold McCormick.
Why Citizen Kane is so important?
For many critics and film fans, Citizen Kane can lay claim to the title of the greatest movie ever made precisely because, even if only in the form of in-camera effects and a wealthy, lonely anti-villain, Welles' movie even influenced the direction of Rotten Tomatoes' highest-rated movie, 2017's Paddington 2.

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