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Claude Lanzmann and Steven Spielberg

schindler's list

Steven Spielberg

Words: 1267 (6 pages)

Abstract             Documentary films are always linked to historical recollection. It often serves as a historical document. Claude Lanzmann’s documentary films show a powerful presentation of the Holocaust survivors through his interviews using memories as a tool of relating what happened in the past.             This paper also explains the narrative film of Steven Spielberg…

Saving Private Ryan: A New WWII Movie

schindler's list

World War II

Words: 1034 (5 pages)

Saving Private Ryan is an acclaimed World War 2 film that achieved tremendous success at the box office. The plot revolves around a soldier named Ryan who tragically loses three of his brothers in combat. As the sole surviving sibling in his family, he is granted the opportunity to return home. On D-Day, Ryan is…

How to Analyze a Movie?


schindler's list

Words: 1946 (8 pages)

Walking out of the movie theater was almost as interesting an experience as the movie itself.  The movie of choice that night was The Illusionist (Burger, 2006). Without a lot of fanfare and big Hollywood stars, it drew an interesting crowd. As opposed to a torrent of teenagers and the handful of movie going adults,…

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What does Schindler's List teach us?
Schindler's List tells the story of Oskar Schindler, a war profiteer and member of the Nazi party who saved over 1,100 Jews during World War II. The movie explores the human capacity for monumental evil as well as for extraordinary courage, caring, and compassion.
What is the message of Schindler's List?
"Schindler's List" delivers a universal message: The actions of one person can make a difference in the lives of others. Even in the face of the worst of humanity, we all have within us the power to take action — and to be stronger than hate.
Why is Schindler's List important?
Schindler's List shows us what can happen to people who, for no fault of their own, are cast into those shadows. And even 25 years later, it remains a movie that must be seen - not because it depicts the worst of humanity, but for the hope it ultimately provides.

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