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Computer Security Essays

Columnar Transposition Cipher Essay

Substitution and transposition ciphers are two categories of ciphers used in classical cryptography. Substitution and transposition differ in how chunks of the message are handled by the encryption process. Substitution ciphers encrypt plaintext by changing the plaintext one piece at a time. Transposition ciphers encrypt plaintext by moving small pieces of the message around. A …

Commutative encryption and decryption Essay

El Gamal Public Key Cryptosystem The El Gamal public-key encoding strategy can be viewed as Diffie-Hellman cardinal understanding in cardinal transportation manner. Its security is based on the intractableness of the distinct logarithm job and the Diffie-Hellman job. Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange The first system to do usage of public-key or asymmetric cryptanalytic keys was the …

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Computer Security

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Telnet Essay

INTRODUTION TO TELNET Telnet is a service which straight call the distant computing machine resources and services. Telnet service is provided with the aid of cyberspace. Telnet is a protocol that is based on client-server theoretical account. It is based on dependable, connection-oriented. TCP ( Transmission Control Protocol ) is used to set up connexion. …

Personal Statement Essay

For a mountain climber, one of the chief reasons for climbing the mountain is that it is there to be conquered. The same analogy applies to life and one thing that helps in achieving that goal is education; education with a deeper focus on the desired field of interest. Accordingly, I wish to enhance my …

Cyber Espionage Essay

Cyber espionage:- Definition:- Cyber espionage (also spelled cyber espionage) “ | involves the unauthorized probing to test a target computer’s configuration or evaluate its system defenses, or the unauthorized viewing and copying of data files. | ” | “ | uses computer or related systems to collect intelligence or enable certain operations, whether in cyberspace …

Ethical and Unethical Hackers Essay

Ethical and Unethical Hackers When we hear the word hacker we think of a person who has gained access to a system they do not have permission to access. “The first generation of hackers who emerged in the 1960s was individuals who would be called technology enthusiasts today. These early hackers would go on to …

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