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Royal Talkies V. Esi: a Socio Legal Judgment

Introduction to the topic Royal Talkies v. Employee State Insurance Corporation[1] is a case pertaining to Employee State Insurance Act, 1948. The said Act is a piece of welfare legislation that guarantees social security to an employee. Thus before analyzing a case on hand it is appropriate on the part of researcher to illuminate the …

Frozen Embryos, Who has legal rights?

  Invitro is defined as, “In glass, as in a test tube”(Taber’s cyclopedic dictionary,1993), hence with reference to invitro fertilization, the term “Test tube baby”. The first ‘test tube baby’ was Louise Brown of England (Jonsen, A. R., 1996). Dr. Patrick Steptoe and Professor Robert Edwards combined an ovum from Mrs. Brown, and sperm from …

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Sources of Malaysian legal system

The word ‘source’ has several meanings which includes historical sources and legal sources. A historical source is the factor that has influenced the development of the law although they are not recognized as law. For example religious beliefs, local customs and opinion of jurists. While legal sources is legal rules that make up the law. …

Informed of legal rights

No matter the model neither one would be 100% satisfying, but after learning about some of the pros and cons of both the models I believe the due process model should be adopted as the sole basis of the criminal justice system in the U. S. The Due process should be the sole basis of …

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