The Defiance of Fear

Courage shows itself in many different forms. From standing up for what you believe in, to surviving near tragedy, to putting yourself on the line for someone else.

The mentality to act and disregard for fear are simply triggers symbolizing judgements that lay ahead. Overcoming fear is courageous in itself. But creating in yourself a mental and moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand fear marks the righteous among all. Courage is not only a dismissal of fear but is the individual merit that something else is more important than the fear which confronts us.

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A life lived in fear is a life of utter confinement. While a life of courage is one which endures opportunity and choice. Courage is the determination to make the best of whatever circumstances you find yourself in, regardless of cost. More often than not that cost is not cheap.

Courage is a necessary component for living a life without regrets. It takes courage to make the right moral and ethical choices which confront us daily. Courage, acted out in our lives, watches out for the oppressed, speaks up for the weak, takes a stand against injustice and immorality.And does so at our own expense.

But the courage to take a stand against what is popular and easy, when required, is the key to enduring pride in one’s integrity. Identification of courage is part of an individual perception and, Recognition of righteous gentiles is based upon many facets of criteria. Courage is one of the virtues necessary for all moral demeanor. had firmness of mind and it was a common emotion perceived by actions.

With boldness, confidence, wisdom, and integrity.Disregard for consequences and punishment all concern that he was not an average person. Not everyone in the world has the capability to be courageous. Courage cannot be something you decide you will be.

It comes with an immense amount of territory and responsibility. One cannot endanger others while trying to save another and consider the impact it may have. Courage means “heart. ” People say that certain things add up to courage but are there really implemented guidelines that state whether one person is more courageous than another.

It is not to be found in one great, heroic act, but in day-to-day actions that come from the heart and from the willingness to take the path of heart. Courage can be cultivated and developed. It is all a matter of discovering what is most vital and enlivening. The only way to distinguish courage amounts to the people it affected and whether or not it was positive.

Regardless of any one opinion, there will always be the opposing side. The opportunity to change should not be measured on its outcome or the recognition it could possibly receive.

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