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Enhanced Emotional Empathy After Psychosocial Stress in Young Healthy



Words: 1215 (5 pages)

Many of us often associate women with being more empathetic during stressful situations. We tend to believe that women seek social support or are able to put oneself in another’s shoes during that state. On the other hand, we presume that men become more self-obsessed. That they often shut out society and focus on themselves….

Importance of Empathy in the Field of Psychology


Words: 2641 (11 pages)

Numerous interpretations of empathy have emphasized its importance in the field of psychology, as well as its positive influence on an individual’s growth in moral development (Jolliffee & Farrington, 2006). Hogan (1969) has particularly noted these points, claiming that empathy is an abstract construct that can be viewed as an ability to hold what he…

A Health Need: A Selfish Gene


Words: 595 (3 pages)

A recent peer reviewed article proposed the idea that there are differences between the genders in how they express empathy, with men being less empathetic than women. This study was fascinating in that this lack of empathy, or disorders of empathy are greater in males than in females. Two such examples are autism and psychopathy…

Importance of Empathy in Equal Justice in Criminal System

Criminal Justice


Words: 978 (4 pages)

When you are poor, it means you are often overlooked and unnoticed. Most nations have a growing homeless problem, and most working-class and above citizens pretend as if the poor do not exist or will simply go away. Being rich means you are privileged. You have more to gain and usually a reputation that can…

Elevated Empathy in Adults following Childhood Trauma Review


Words: 1686 (7 pages)

Abstract The research conducted by Greenberg et al. engaged readers into looking at the positive character traits someone can gain due to a traumatic experience. The paper repeatedly mentioned how a traumatic experience causes depression, extreme sadness, and how people’s main focus is always the negative. However due to multiple studies, self reports and non-clinical…

The Effect of Intergroup Conflict on Empathy


Words: 2164 (9 pages)

The effect of intergroup conflict over empathy is very easy to observe in adults as well, and there are many social psychology studies which support this claim. For example, verbal and physical aggression between the fans of rival football teams is common during football match setting. Many of these fans do not know each other….

Do Woman Show More Empathy by Sharing Sad Post on Social Media


Social Media

Words: 965 (4 pages)

Abstract The relationship between social media and empathy has not been explored extensively. Research on the expression of emotion and the association with empathy displayed on social media websites have been minimally explored. This study sought to support findings that posting online leads to expressions of empathy (Rosen, 2012) and a positive relationship exists between…

Does Facebook Effect Empathy Levels in Adults



Words: 1916 (8 pages)

In recent years social media has become one if not the most popular way people interact with each other. Through social media people can socialize, communicate and virtually interact with each other within the comfort of their own home. Research have been shown, given several possible effects technology might affect empathy in users. According to…

Does “Liking” on Facebook Show Significance on Empathy



Words: 1352 (6 pages)

It does not take long to realize how much technology has changed our social interactions and relationships with others. Society is so engulfed in cell phones, tablets, and other electronic device usage that is has now became the norm to communicate explicitly over the internet. In fact, using social media apps is perhaps the first…

Empathy is Essential for Patient Recovery


Words: 436 (2 pages)

As I worked in ICU department for over two years, we were taught to help people be well, get well and stay well. I went to work every day with same motive to provide best care to patients and importantly to their family who’s been going through a lot seeing their loved one in the…

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