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Essays on Extinction

Extinctions Related to the Presence of Reinforcement

Extinction is defined as an approach in which a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) employments his or her records of conduct to put a behavior on extinction. Extinction is when help is withheld, and the behavior decreases to non-existence. Anybody with the knowledge can do the act of making use of extinction. Regularly, in any …

The End Permian Mass Extinction

IntroductionThink of a world which existed 290 million years ago. As you look out over the terane in front of you, you think that you are on an alien planet. You see volcanoes spewing ash and lava. Beside them is the ocean which is swarming with many different species of echinoderms, bryozoans and brachiopods. As …

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Forests Extinction

Can you picture our earth without forests? Many of us cant. Forests coverapproximately one fifth of the worlds land surface and play an important role inour everyday lives (Dudley 4). Forests provide us with many products andservices from helping maintain erosion to providing jobs for our citizens. Humanity depends on the survival of a healthy …

Ice Age Extinctions of the Megafauna

ICE AGE EXTINCTIONS OF THE MEGAFAUNA During the last Ice Age before humans arrived, the North American continent belonged to various forms of enormous, fantastic creatures. By the end of the Ice Age, most of these large animals had become extinct. Numerous attempts have been made to explain the disappearance of these animals, but there …

dinosaurs extinction

The first question that must be posed when trying to crack the mystery of the mass extinction is to ask, throughout history were there any other occurences of this magnitude? The answer is a resounding yes. Altogether over time there has been about eight mass extinctions to large land dwelling vertebrates. The most recent was …

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