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China Coin – Allan Baillie Sample


Words: 4502 (19 pages)

China Coin Chapter 1 Leah and her female parent Joan are on a plane to China in hunt of the beginnings of a cryptic half a coin that was sent to Joan from her male parent. Leah is non thrilled to be traveling. Leah does non see herself as Chinese. We find out that Leah’s…

Why do you that it is so important to cultivate guanxi and guanxiwang in China?


Words: 736 (3 pages)

QUESTION 1: Why do you that it is so important to cultivate guanxi and guanxiwang in China? ANSWER 1: Guanxi literally means relationships, although in business settings in can better be understood as “connections. ” The concept of guanxi is deeply rooted in Chinese culture and Confucianism. The Chinese will often cultivate a guanxiwang, or…

Taobao vs. Ebay China



Words: 8067 (33 pages)

CASE: IB-88 DATE: 01/04/10 TAOBAO VS. EBAY CHINA Ten to 15 years from now, I think China can be eBay’s largest market on a global basis…. We think China has tremendous long-term potential and we want to do everything we can to maintain 1 our No. 1 position. — Meg Whitman, eBay CEO, 2004 By…

China Illegal Drug Trade



Words: 3427 (14 pages)

Treaties and conventions China is a party to the 1988 U. N. Drug Convention, the 1961 U. N. Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs as amended by the 1972 Protocol, and the 1971 U. N. Convention on Psychotropic Substances. China is a member of the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), and has been a member of the INCB since 1984. China…

Mattel Toy Recalls






Words: 827 (4 pages)

Q1. Who are Mattel’s stakeholders? Who did Mattel cater to in the recall? What are the long-term implications of the stakeholder approach the company adopted? Stakeholders are the people, groups or organisations that have a direct or indirect stake in an organisation and can be affected by the organization’s actions, objectives, and policies. Key stakeholders…

Breaking a Social Norm: Personal Space, Please




Social norm


Words: 851 (4 pages)

What if you are traveling on a bus, and once the bus makes its stop; another man walks in, past all the available seats, and takes a seat right next to you? He then falls asleep, leaning his head onto your shoulder. How bizarre would that be? If you are an American, then you are…

Jeremy Clarkson’s Article About Tigers




Words: 1058 (5 pages)

I’m a regular newspaper reader. Recently I stumbled upon Jeremy Clarkson’s article about tigers. Upon reading it I discovered that I strongly disagree with some of his ideas and points of view and the way in which he writes them. On a personal level I am also fond of these wild animals, which gives me…

Marco Polo vs. Zheng He




Words: 1512 (7 pages)

Both Marco Polo and Zheng He were excellent world navigators in their time. However, Zheng He’s voyages and travels were much better and more important because they had much more of a profound impact on the world. His expeditions caused much more prominent change in China, directly and indirectly, than Marco Polo’s did in Western…

How Uniqlo Develop the China Market by E-Commerce




Words: 469 (2 pages)

How UNIQLO develop the China market by E-commerce through Taobao. com Give a brief overview of the case and why the group picked it: Uniqlo has been entered into China market since 2002 and there has nine retail shops in 2005. Unfortunately, she was not successful to run the business since later on two shops…

Communist Republic Government China


Words: 619 (3 pages)

China is a Communist Republic government. This means that the government regulates, sets rules, and runs most business in China. However, the increase in a worldwide economy around the middle of the 20th century caused China to evaluate their government and decide that something must be done to stimulate the Chinese economy and bring entrepreneurs…

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