Writing assignment grade 7 - Part 7

When this element is clear to everyone, there is better understanding as to how to communicate tit one another - Writing assignment grade 7 introduction. The element of listening is also important because this will display non-verbal communication that can be picked up on for further understanding. Communication barriers are also important to understand to deliver concise communication and to get necessary feedback. When you deliver communication that involves clear speaking and no mumbling there are no physical barriers for your audience to overcome. A Symantec barrier is encountered when making sure you are delivering a message everyone understands.

A physiological barrier is when the audience plainly does not like he speaker due to how they look or their origin. All these barriers are important to understand in order to effectively communicate. I work for a pharmacy benefit company in the billing and reimbursement department, as a Financial Analyst. My position entails auditing current processes associated with issues/concerns to include: policy, procedure and education. Determine changes that need to be made and mitigate the issues/concerns utilizing root cause analysis. Within these processes, I often meet with leadership to discuss issues found and possible outcomes.

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On one occasion I had the opportunity to work on a power point presentation and demonstrate it to several managers. The presentation was extended to those managers who worked with the product that was being audited (the findings of my audit) and the possible changes that needed to be completed to increase revenue. After presenting my findings, the responses were noted and changes were taken into consideration. I found that the way the product was being billed to insurance companies was not correct due to an internal software issue that management was not aware of.

During my presentation, I was in front of several managers and others on a phone conference call. Although I was not aware of all the communication barriers at that time, I did utilize some of them. Before the presentation was careful to review and go over the presentation, taking into account the spelling of words were correct and how I was going to sound in delivering the message. I had a clear voice when speaking so everyone could hear and understand. When I spoke, positioned myself so that everyone in the room could see me clearly and could see my body language.

I did not want to show that I was nervous or did not know what I was explaining. I kept the message simple and straight forward and completed the presentation before asking questions. I received a lot of positive feedback and the managers took the information back to the leadership team for further consideration. I believe the communications I used were delivered effectively and had good content which held my audience. I feel that that my presentation demonstrated effective communication because of my experience in the field of which I was speaking.

I was able to prove my expertise in this area by displaying integrity and character in the manner I delivered my presentation. I was able to keep their interest and get all my points across with positive results which says something to the emotional connection aspect. Leadership in this company, and I would say in all companies, want the end result to be profits. By presenting the errors that were occurring, I was able to show the company the profit that was being lost by not billing correctly. I was able to make a clear and concise argument for the information provided.

Additional tools of effective communication begin with understanding the communication barriers and implementing them into conversations. Listening, is a very important way to get the message that is being conveyed. With the element of listening, there are ways that the sender will know if you are paying attention to their message. There is non-verbal communication that may include body language, eye contact, facial expressions, gestures and posture. All these aspects play in role in effective communication and should be kept simple and straight forward.

Certain elements that foster communication can include physical barriers which may suggest an inability to understand what is being said (i. E. : a speech impediment) or the sender is mumbling. In this case the sender must be aware of how he/ she sounds. By rehearsing a speech or presentation and playing it over and over one can practice how it will be delivered. A physiological barrier may suggest the receiver does not like you therefore they will not listen. It may be how you look so always dress for success. This reason may be due to the simple fact that the audience does not like how you sound.

Symantec barriers state you must speak the same language as your receiver. Sometimes we do not deliver the information in a language the receiver will understand, even when we are speaking the same language by using inappropriate words or language. The information being sent should be rehearsed in your own head so that you know and understand what is being said. If you are seeking feedback make sure you cover all the details. It is important to remember not to interrupt when someone is answering or asking a question. All these elements must be practiced so effective communication can occur.

Choosing the right channel of communication is very important because there are many channels in which a message can be sent. Messages can be sent face to face, voice to voice, or even written. Whatever style or channel you choose to convey your message, you should be aware of all the barriers so you can effectively communicate.

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