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Analysis of the Movie “Jose Rizal”

Hospitality industry


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This was my first day in Greenland Leisure Suites. Ma’am Josie oriented me about what I am going to do. She discussed about the policy and regulation and the parts of hotel. After the orientation, I assigned in all areas of the hotel. Hmmm… ang dami naman hehe”. Then, I started to clean in the…

background information on the Ritz Carlton

Hospitality industry


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IndustryThe hotel industry is a segment of business which provides accommodations to those traveling for business or leisure.   The overall success of this industry relies on good customer service, an appealing atmosphere, and vast assortments of services and amenities. Whether the hotel guests are business people or on vacation they all need comfortable accommodations where…

Understand the Current Structure of the Hospitality Industry


Hospitality industry

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Demonstrate the diversity of the hospitality industry explaining how it has achieved its current complexity, scale and scope. The hospitality industry has a lot of different sectors. It is commonly split into the 14 different sectors. Hospitality Services Tourist, Tourism Hotels Self Catering Restaurants Contract Catering Bars, Nightclubs, Pubs Hostels Events Membership Clubs Travel Services…

Unforgettable Childhood Memory


Hospitality industry

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An Unforgettable Childhood Memory Thinking back to my childhood years, there were countless memories. I was eight years old when my family decided to take a trip to Jamaica. It was the first time I had ever left the United States. We stayed at a Beaches Resort for seven unforgettable days. I would choose the…

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What is hospitality essay?
Hospitality consists in treating other people in the most appropriate for the particular situation ways. ... Hospitality is very important, as it leads to better consolidation between people. Communication between people must be held in a respectful way, if you want them to understand each other.
What is hospitality industry in your own words?
The hospitality industry is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, food and drink service, event planning, theme parks, travel and tourism. It includes hotels, tourism agencies, restaurants and bars.
What is the introduction of hospitality industry?
The Hospitality industry is the industry that is responsible for providing primarily food services and accommodations in places such as hotels, resorts, conference centers and theme or amusement parks.
Why is hospitality industry important?
People rely on the hospitality industry to fulfill their basic needs of transport, accommodation, food, and entertainment for work and recreational purposes.

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