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Mission Accomplishment through Situational Adaptability



Words: 746 (3 pages)

Abstract This paper covers the importance of accurate intelligence and forced adaptability when one plan falls through and the mission must continue. I will reflect on how vital defense transformation is while observing what happened during Operation Anaconda. Keywords: intelligence, forced adaptability, defense transformation, Operation Anaconda Mission Accomplishment thru Situational Adaptability Operation Anaconda Backstory Operation…

Overview: Military Power


Words: 4723 (19 pages)

You are here: Home * Education * 18th Century History * Guide Extra Mon, Dec 6, 1999 Rick Brainard – your Guide to: Welcome | Netlinks | Articles | Guide Bio | Search | Related | About College Forums | Chat | Events | Newsletter | Share This Site | Join ShopNow | Books…

Alexander the Great: His Influence on Future military Leadership and Tactics




Words: 2408 (10 pages)

Great men have lived on the face of the earth and left marks of their prowess and legacy that men of the present and even the future find it hard to emulate; a good example of such men is Alexander the Great. This paper seeks to explain further Alexander’s military genius and its positive impact…

Would You Have Quit at Valley Forge?


Words: 371 (2 pages)

“What we know today was not known in late December 1777. ” The soldiers had no idea that the French were coming to their aide, they thought that continuing in the in their present course at Valley Forge was sure to end in death. In the winter of 1777, the Continental Army under George Washington’s…

Mongol vs. Viking


Middle Ages


Words: 403 (2 pages)

Compare the Mongol invasions in Eurasia to the Viking invasions in Northern Europe. Compare them in footings of historical significance over clip and impacting many people The two invasions have noticeable differences along with some similarities. They are different in the sense that the Mongol invasions caused disunity and did non profit any of the…

Military Bearing and How it Affects the Army as a Whole


Words: 1021 (5 pages)

“Military Bearing” and how it affects the Army as a whole Bearing, put simply, is the appearance and demeanor of a person throughout the activities and circumstances that an individual is seen or observed. An individual is largely judged by others through the bearing that the individual exudes as he goes about his daily affairs,…

Customs and courtesies



Words: 2109 (9 pages)

US Army Customs and Courtesies A custom is a social norm stemming from tradition and enforced as an unwritten law. A courtesy is a respectful behavior often linked to a custom. A military courtesy is such behavior extended to a person or thing that honors them in some way. Military customs and courtesies define the…

Military/Government involvement in Foreign Affairs



Words: 1387 (6 pages)

From Iraq and Afghanistan to now Syria It feels as If the U. S always has to be Involved In other countries affairs. It seems as If It has become the moral and humanitarian duty for the U. S to become involved in other countries. With the help that the united States gives to foreign…

Victory and Defeat According to Clausewitz


International Relations

International security


National Security



Words: 3272 (14 pages)

Victory and Defeat According to Clausewitz             In the aftermath of war there is usually one side that emerges victorious while the other raises the white flag of surrender. When the commander of the triumphant side can discern the fluttering piece of white cloth then it is time to meet the leader of the vanquished…

Creative Writing: Instant




Vietnam War

Words: 3356 (14 pages)

Creative Writing: Instant I’ll always remember Instant. That was the nickname the men had tacked ontothe muscled giant that wielded the M60 in my unit. “Instant” was short for”Instant Death.” And I’ll always remember the first time I saw Instant inaction. I was a new Lieutenant assigned to Vietnam. Back then, the Army didn’t try…

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