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background information on the Ritz Carlton

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IndustryThe hotel industry is a segment of business which provides accommodations to those traveling for business or leisure.   The overall success of this industry relies on good customer service, an appealing atmosphere, and vast assortments of services and amenities. Whether the hotel guests are business people or on vacation they all need comfortable accommodations where they feel safe for their temporary stay. Limited service hotels charge minimal fees and provide only the most essential amenities, whereas full service hotels such as luxury hotels cater more to wealthy travelers and can be extremely expensive.

No matter how big, small, affordable or luxurious a hotel can be, its measure of financial success is based on its APR, occupancy and quality of service. The art of managing hotels has developed from just providing the bare essentials of lodging to a fast paced and diverse industry. It is more common now for hotels to offer more than just lodging. Many hotels now have bars, retail stores and restaurants in-house.

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background information on the Ritz Carlton
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It is also common for hotels to have pools, fitness centers, Internet access, child care, valet and laundering services. Offering these services can make a hotel seem more appealing to guests and appear superior to competitors. Hotels are certainly necessary all over the world, wherever there are travelers who need lodging there is potential to benefit financially. .  The Ritz- Carlton HistoryOne of the most leading hotel names in the industry is the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. It‘s name derived from Mr. Cesar Ritz (23 February 1850 – 24 October 1918) whom was a Swiss hotelier and founder of several hotels, most famously the Hotel Ritz in Paris and The Ritz Hotel in London. His nickname was “king of hoteliers, and hotelier to kings.”The first Ritz-Carlton in the USA mounted on Madison Avenue and 46th Street, New York opened in 1911. It was designed by Warren & Wetmore, architects of the new Grand Central Terminal. Its…

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