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Natural Disasters: Why Haven’t We Learned from Them Yet?

Natural Disaster


Words: 2423 (10 pages)

Whitney Gregory Dr. Alexander Third Year Writing 7 May 2010 Natural Disasters: Why Haven’t We Learned From Them Yet? George Santayan, a famous Spanish-American philosopher, once said, “Everything is life is lyrical in its ideal essence, tragic in its fate and comic in its existence,” (“Quotable Quote” 1). This too can be said about natural…

Doomsday Asteroid – Earth Under Threat



Words: 510 (3 pages)

The universe is a shooting gallery and earth is the bullseye. The earth is always under threat of a doomesday asteroid that will wipe out civilization. There are over one thousand asteroids traveling toward earth and only three quarters are accounted for. Where are the other one forth? No one knows because the government doesn’t…

The Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami of 2004



Words: 266 (2 pages)

The tsunami of 2004 was a very devastating loss for many people around the eastern coast of India. It caused a lot of damage to the area. Even though the tsunami was pretty bad, some of the effected countries were able to start quickly recovering. The tsunami was a very traumatic experience for people in…

Why the earthquake happened in chile



Words: 456 (2 pages)

The reason why the earthquake accrued is the Nazca Plate has been colliding and subducting underneath the South American plate for thousands of years. The 1960 Chile earthquake was caused by the Nazca plate releasing tension and descending 15 meters underneath the South American Plate. The earthquake accrued because of plates. The people of the…

2010 Chile Earthquake Case Study



Words: 2074 (9 pages)

Introduction In early 2010 central south Chile experienced a Mw = 8. 8 earthquake and large tsunami waves that devastated areas on the Chilean Pacific coast, nearby offshore islands, and areas near the epicenter. In addition to the tsunami, the earthquake had many other geological consequences including aftershocks, terrestrial and submarine land-sliding, elevation changes, and…

Facts About Tsunami Wave Essay



Words: 336 (2 pages)

Tsunami is a Japanese name for ‘harbour waves’ generally called tidal waves but actually tsunami has nothing to do with tides. Tsunami is generated when ocean floods shift vertically, usually due to an earthquake. When a shift in the ocean floor displaces the water above, the water body travels as a huge wave to regain…

Analysis of the Tourism Recovery Plan



Words: 1242 (5 pages)

Introduction Andaman Tourism Recovery Plan 2005 was developed by Tourism Authority of Thailand in order to manage the Crisis of “Tsunami” Tidal Wave, which mainly caused tremendous damages to 6 southern provinces of Thailand, which are Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi, Ranong, Satun and Trang. This tidal wave not only affected to local people and thousands…

Tsunami Natural Disasters


Words: 1536 (7 pages)

During March 11, 2011 there was an earthquake that took place in Japan, causing a devastating tsunami that soon followed after. Warnings by state officials were issued after the earthquake about the oncoming tsunami through a special alert system and text messages, however nine minutes were not enough to prepare for what was to come….

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What causes a tsunami essay?
Tsunamis are massive sea waves that are spawned from earthquakes generated underneath the ocean at tectonic plate boundaries. Although earthquakes are known to be the main cause of tsunamis, these enormous waves can occur due to occurrences such as rapid changes in the atmospheric pressure or volcanic eruptions.
What is a tsunami essay?
Tsunami is a phenomenon where a series of strong waves that are responsible for the surge in water sometimes reach the heights in many meters. This is a natural disaster that is caused due to the volcano eruption in the ocean beds. Also, a phenomenon like landslides and earthquakes contributes to reasons for a tsunami.
What is tsunami in your own words?
What is a tsunami? A tsunami is a series of extremely long waves caused by a large and sudden displacement of the ocean, usually the result of an earthquake below or near the ocean floor. This force creates waves that radiate outward in all directions away from their source, sometimes crossing entire ocean basins.

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