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If I Were a Sergeant Major of the Army for a Day

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  • Pages 3
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    If I would serve the country as a Sergeant Major of the Army for a day, I would take the chance of instigating a change that the real fighters are craving for. I would take the opportunity to let the people understand the sufferings and sacrifices that the Army is doing for the people and for the whole nation. Undoubtedly, the military functions as the protector of the people and the defender of the nation. As such, security is always its utmost priority. But in upholding its responsibilities for the people and for the nation, there are various lapses and flaws that are not given proper heed. If for one day I will serve the Army, I would bravely take the step in initiating the change that the Army deserves.

     First, I would take the chance to sit with the lower enlisted soldiers and listen to their views about the present system of the Army and get their ideas on how to improve the system. I have chosen to directly communicate with the enlisted men for they know more about the real status of the Army. They are the people who truly experience the difficulties in the military field. As such, the enlisted men understand well the problems and they, most probably, have the solution to the problems. More importantly, the enlisted men are directly involved in fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of the Army. Hence, they deserve to be given paramount importance.

     In dealing with the enlisted men, I would first commend their hard work and loyalty to their duties. Dealing with them would be useless if I would not learn from them. Hence, I would let them voice out their grievances especially with regard to their incentives and benefits. The military men continuously sacrifice their life to ensure the security of the nation, thus, they should be ensured with benefits and incentives. I would also get their opinion and ideas in making the military system more capable and more efficient in fulfilling its responsibilities. Through these ways, I would be able to effectively execute my duty as a spokesperson of the enlisted men.

    After sitting with the lower enlisted men, I would then communicate their grievances and their opinions to the officials of the army. Being an adviser, I would endeavor to impart and persuade the highest ranking official to form policies that would address and support the ideas of the enlisted men. However, before doing so, I would ask assistance in evaluating whether such ideas and grievances are reasonable.

    Furthermore, for that whole day as the Sergeant Major of the Army, I would make sure that the whole nation commends the enlisted men as the backbone of the Army. It is not easy to risk life and challenge death every time a soldier is sent to a battle. It is not also easy to cause every soldier’s family anxiety and worries every day. Above all, it is difficult to find dedicated and honorable men to fight for the nation.

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