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The author chose Clinical Psychology as their career path due to personal experiences with mental health struggles and their desire to help others. They began seeing a psychologist after leaving an abusive relationship and being told they had multiple personality disorder. After discovering they were not diagnosed with this disorder and instead had anxiety, depression, and PTSD, they realized the importance of mental health care. The author wants to be a trusted outlet for individuals to talk to and help them overcome their struggles. They aspire to counsel individuals and groups to improve personal, social, or vocational adjustment. To become a Clinical Psychologist, they need to obtain a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, complete clinical trainings, and obtain a license.

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Psychology has so many breakoffs it was tough to choose, but for me I knew as soon as I heard Clinical Psychology. I chose this path for many reasons, but the major reason correlates with me, and my mental health struggles. I began going to a Psychologist just over two years ago when I ended my relationship with my ex-husband who was mentally, emotionally, and physically abusive. The main reason I went besides the obvious was because he put in my head that I had multiple personality disorder. It scared me to think that somehow, I had so much trauma from my childhood that this would even be a diagnosis for me. I later found out I was perfectly normal besides dealing with anxiety, depression, and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from that relationship. Some other key reasons I picked Clinical Psychology was because of my friends who struggle, and family who are too proud to admit they need someone to talk to.

The most interesting part about this career field is that you get to help people get out of their own head. You get to help them see that just because they have a diagnosis, they are still them and completely fine. You will be able to watch them open-up and become more comfortable with you and over time slowly help them mentally process and overcome what was holding them back. I feel it will be such a liberating experience to truly help someone when it comes to their everyday life and simple taskers like getting out of bed, showering, or even driving to work without the bad thoughts or “what ifs”.

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My ideal job as a Psychologist is simple in itself, I just want to help people. I want to be a trusted outlet, someone that people feel comfortable talking to. I wouldn’t really want a specialty in Clinical Psychology just for the fact I can help more and experience all types of people just being broad. My days would look like “Counsel individuals and groups regarding problems, such as stress, substance abuse, or family situations, to modify behavior or to improve personal, social, or vocational adjustment” (What Do Clinical Psychologists Do: Job Description, Daily Responsibilities and Work Life). In order to become a Clinical Psychologist, I would need a PH.D. in Clinical Psychology, however in some states I only need a master. I then would need to complete Clinical trainings followed by getting a license and maintain my license. (6 Steps to Becoming a Clinical Psychologist)


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