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Essay – Romantic Era

Kubla Khan


Words: 1413 (6 pages)

The underlying theme in many works produced in the Romantic Era is the complete power of nature over humanity and the human spirit. In many such works, nature’s forces are used as metaphors for inspiration on the part of the poet. Such poets who embraced the custom of nature in their works included; William Wordsworth,…

Analysis of Lord Byron’s Destruction of Sennacherib

Kubla Khan


Words: 1650 (7 pages)

The Destruction of Sennacherib Before analyzing the poem itself and doing a comparative study with other poems of this particular genre it is important to discuss in brief, the background of England and the Romantics views regarding them which influenced their writings in many ways. It is noteworthy that the Late Romantic poets including Byron…

Wordsworth’s Tintern Abbey and Colderidges’ Kubla Khan Analysis

Kubla Khan


Words: 1683 (7 pages)

When comparing William Wordsworth’s Tintern Abbey. and Samuel Colderidge’s “Kubla Khan” . one notices a distinguishable difference in the usage of imaginativeness within the two verse forms. Even though the two poets were coevalss and friends. Wordsworth and Colderidge each have an original and different manner in which they introduce images and thoughts into their…

Frequently Asked Questions about Kubla Khan

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How is Kubla Khan a romantic poem?
We find the romantic qualities in the poem such as supernaturalism, references to remote places, suggestiveness, sensuousness, poetic creation, dream like quality and so on. These romantic elements make Kubla Khan a romantic poem.
What does the end of Kubla Khan mean?
The speaker then goes on to describe Kubla Khan himself, who is listening to this noisy river and thinking about war. ... Toward the end, the poem becomes more personal and mysterious, as the speaker describes past visions he has had. This brings him to a final image of a terrifying figure with flashing eyes.
What is the main idea of Kubla Khan?
Creativity is the central theme of "Kubla Khan". The poem grapples with what it means to create something; whether the creation is a pleasure dome or the poem itself. As the speaker struggles to bring their creation to completion, Coleridge also struggled to complete his creation, the poem "Kubla Khan".
Why is Kubla Khan called Kubla Khan?
Kubla Khan was published with Christabel and "The Pains of Sleep" on 25 May 1816. Coleridge included "A Fragment" as a subtitle Kubla Khan to defend against criticism of the poem's incomplete nature. The original published version of the work was separated into 2 stanzas, with the first ending at line 30.

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