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Violence in Beowulf



Words: 1160 (5 pages)

Beowulf: A History of Violence in Anglo-Saxon Culture In the Anglo-Saxon epic, “Beowulf”, the theme of violence is prevalent throughout the entire story. The hero, Beowulf, is referred to as the strongest, most powerful man in the world, and uses his strength to vanquish evil. He slaughters two evil monsters, Grendel, and Grendel’s mother, as…

Generosity in Beowulf


Words: 909 (4 pages)

As people mention the virtue, generosity, they always conceive of an image of a wealthy philanthropist who donates his money to people in need. However, in my opinion, the concept of generosity exceeds the narrow connotation of giving to others, and not only can rich people become generous; rather, generosity comprises of empathy to share…

The Problem with Beowuld Pride


Beowulf Hero

Words: 920 (4 pages)

The problem with Beowulf Pride In Beowulf, the poem became famous back in the mid 1700’s which at the time had no author. Beowulf became famous for defeating enemies across the world, such as Grendel. Although, Beowulf shows great pride in his abilities at times he’s a little conceded. However, Beowulf is one who likes…

Religion in Beowulf



Words: 1406 (6 pages)

David (Kwang Min) Kim Dr. Hadley History 101 – Spring 2013 10 April 2013 Religion in Beowulf Throughout the story of Beowulf, the concept of religion plays a significant role. The Christianity ideology views state that man can survive and do great things through the protection of God. A strong desire of pride is also…

Beowulf: I Need a Hero


Beowulf Hero

Words: 2234 (9 pages)

As most readers make their way through Beowulf, they find it easy to recognize who the hero of the story is supposed to be and which characters are the villains; however, as one looks more into the qualities of the characters they will realize that the line between good and evil is not entirely clear….

Beowulf and Loyalty


Words: 669 (3 pages)

What is loyalty? Never cheating in a relationship? Your dog never running away? Or is it always being a good friend? Maybe loyalty isn’t an action at all. Many people try to decipher the real meaning of loyalty, but it has a unique meaning to each person. There are three different examples of how loyalty…

Beowulf vs. Gladiator Essay


Beowulf Epic Hero

Words: 526 (3 pages)

Beowulf was a noble warrior growing up. He was courageous, powerful, and greatly known for his swimming match against Breca. He was dedicated, loyal, and had a reputation for those qualities. He continued to represent that as he grew older, and his defeat of Grendel, and Grendel’s mother, shows that. He gained a lot of…

Observing Feminism in Beowulf


Beowulf Hero

Words: 461 (2 pages)

Beowulf, directed by Robert Zemeckis and published in 2007 is a computer animated film. It was written by Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary. The author in created Beowulf the epic to entertain and to teach as well. Heroism is the main purpose. In this epic they made this male character, Beowulf as a hero. The…

Beowulf Development Essay


Beowulf Hero

Words: 2147 (9 pages)

The protagonists of epic poems, as well as the tales of their exploits made possible by their noble traits, make them captivating characters which have held the interest of readers and scholars alike. These heroes are iconic enough to be referenced in various works to this day. The heroes of these stories are able to…

Beowulf on the Surface Essay


Beowulf Hero

Words: 647 (3 pages)

Beowulf was a prideful, boastful, and extremely strong individual, who was faced with multiple tasks throughout the course of the poem. Although he had many great characteristics to him, there were certain things that were out of his control, things that affected him and his nation. Two of these limitations were his desire for glory…

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It was written in England some time between the 8th and the early 1 1th century. The author was an anonymous Anglo-Saxon poet, referred to by scholars as the “Beowulf poet.”,


Epic heroic writing


Beowulf is an Old English epic poem in the tradition of Germanic heroic legend consisting of 3,182 alliterative lines. It is one of the most important and most often translated works of Old English literature.


“He has done his worst but the wound will end him. “Then Beowulf spoke—on him the armor shone, the mail-shirt linked by the skills of the smith: Hail to you, Hrothgar! ” “Fate will unwind as it must!” “Do not grieve, wise warrior!


Length: c. 3182 lines

Original language: Old English

Enemies: Grendel

Text: Beowulf

Subject: The battles of Beowulf, the Geatish hero, in youth and old age

Adaptations: Beowulf (2007), Beowulf & Grendel (2005), Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands (2016)

Alliteration: Alliteration, is the use of repetition of initial sounds in words close to one another. In Beowulf, alliteration is the mainstay of the poem. … The words, ‘Up from his swampland, sliding silently,’ allow us to imagine Grendel slipping into the hall unseen.

Characteristics: Beowulf’s personal characteristics include the heroic traits of loyalty, honor, bravery, faith, and superhuman strength. He demonstrates his sense of honor and his loyalty to Hrothgar by volunteering to kill Grendel and then Grendel’s mother.

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