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Lost in a Forest: Difficult Fishing

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With my housing, all finished I decided it would now be a good time to find something to eat. I first tried the old Indian method of fishing with my hands, yes I tried to catch them with my hands and had no luck. So I decided to get a little more modern, I took sticks and weaved them together and made a fish trap. I placed the trap in the water between two big rocks so it would not float away.

With my trap in place, I began to build two fires. One fire to use as a signal fire, and the other to cook with. After several hours of gathering firewood and getting them started, I checked my trap and had 3 nice size bass. After cleaning the fish I put them over the fire to cook and sat down to relax after a long first day. I would definitely sleep welltonight, or so I thought.

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Lost in a Forest: Difficult Fishing
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On my first night, sleeping soundly, until I heard a sound I did not want to hear.

I heard the growl of the biggest bear I had ever seen. Standing on his hind legs, he must have stood 8foot tall. I quickly climbed up one of the trees I had used to make my lean-to out of. The bear seeing me hurried my way, but with me fifteen feet high in the tree, he couldn’t reach me. The bear stayed at my campsite for most of the night and left shortly before day break. With a long day and night behind me, I decided to lie down for a short nap before I started my second day on my own.

After my nap, I got up and checked my fish trap again, this time I had only one fish in the trap. I really needed to eat so I clean the fish and cooked it. After eating, and still hungry so I set out to find some food. Using my knife I made a little spear to try to catch some type of small game, but what I found would help so much more. I found a deer that appeared to have brokenits back trying to jump over a pile of logs. This would give me plenty of meat to survive, plus I could use the hide from the deer as a cover during the chilly nights. The deer still being alive, I took my knife and slit.

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