Lost in a Forest: Difficult Fishing

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After arranging my housing, I decided to search for food. Initially, I attempted the traditional Indian method of fishing with only my hands but without success. Therefore, I chose a more modern approach by constructing a fish trap using woven sticks. Carefully, I positioned the trap in the water amidst two large rocks to prevent it from drifting away. Once prepared, I constructed two fires – one as a signal and another for cooking purposes. After spending hours gathering firewood and successfully lighting both fires, I inspected the trap and discovered three decently sized bass inside. Following cleaning the fish, I placed them over the fire to cook and then settled down to relax after an eventful and exhausting first day. In that moment, I anticipated sleeping soundly tonight or so I thought.

During my first night, I peacefully slept until an unwelcome noise disrupted my rest – the growl of the largest bear I had ever seen. This bear was standing on its hind legs, towering at a height of 8 feet. Swiftly, I ascended one of the trees that served as materials for constructing my lean-to shelter. The bear took notice of me and approached rapidly; however, being fifteen feet above ground in the tree ensured it couldn’t reach me. Throughout most of the night, the bear remained in close proximity to my campsite and departed shortly prior to sunrise. With exhaustion from a long day and night setting in, I opted for a brief nap before commencing my second day alone.

Upon awakening from a nap, I inspected my fish trap and found just one fish. Despite being hungry, I prepared the fish by cleaning and cooking it, yet still felt unsatisfied. Determined to procure more sustenance, I crafted a makeshift spear using my knife in order to capture small game. To my amazement, I came across a deer that had injured its back while attempting to jump over logs. This fortunate encounter not only provided me with an ample supply of meat for nourishment but also offered the potential for utilizing the deer’s hide as protection on cold nights. As the deer was still alive, I used my knife to slit its throat.

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