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Future of Biodiesel


Words: 10892 (44 pages)

Biodiesel is a safe alternative fuel to replace traditional petroleum diesel. It has high-lubricity, is a clean-burning fuel and can be a fuel component for use in existing, unmodified diesel engines. This means that no retrofits are necessary when using biodiesel fuel in any diesel powered combustion engine. It is the only alternative fuel that…

Freedom of Holly Golightly


Words: 679 (3 pages)

The novel “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” by Truman Capote, is about a story between an unnamed narrator who becomes friends with a gold digger named Holly Golightly in 1943. Freedom is a very important element in the story for the main character. The author represents the freedom of Holly by making metaphors in the story and…

Political Freedom Arendt And De Tocqueville


Words: 1840 (8 pages)

Essay, Research Paper Political Freedom: Arendt and de Tocqueville Freedom in America emanates from the province of political freedom held by the citizens. Both Hannah Arendt and Alexis de Tocqueville provide unfavorable judgment of the evident form freedom maintains in America every bit good as penetration sing how they perceive true political freedom. By utilizing…

Essay – Hugh Hefner Influence


Words: 378 (2 pages)

The fifty’s and sixty’s changed America forever. The civil rights movement started, television and radio grew. The era of rock and roll started. Without this era in history we would not be as technologically advanced as we are today. The dream all began after being denied a raise in pay working at the “esquire”; One…

Influence of Mobile Phone on Today’s Generation


Words: 706 (3 pages)

The latest mobile phones have become the fashion as well as entertainment device. These devices offer various high-end features such as camera, GPS, music player and lots more. In the high-tech world, the mobile phones have become an indispensable and inseparable object from our day to day life. The handset are gaining its importance in…

Belonging – Swallow the Air


Words: 1044 (5 pages)

‘An individual’s interaction with others and the world around them can enrich or limit their experience of belonging. ’ BY joseph king When an individual’s sense of identity is corrupted through prejudicial attitudes they are left exposed and vulnerable allowing a sense of isolation and displacement in society. An individual’s ability to promote change within…

Gang Leader for a Day


Words: 632 (3 pages)

INTRODUCTION: While reading this book the first thing that came to my mind is how brave Sudhir Venkatesh is to even have enough nerve to walk into the projects in Chicago (Robert Taylor) to ask questions about being black and poor. I could only think of how there was no way I would have been…

Hiring Process in Bank Alfalah Limited According to Decision Making Process

Decision Making

Words: 916 (4 pages)

Acknowledgment I would like to express my gratitude to all those who gave us the possibility to complete this assignment. I want to thank the Department of Business Administration for giving me permission to commence this assignment in the first instance, to do the necessary research work. I am deeply indebted to our supervisor Madam…

How Will Science and Techonology Changes Our Lives in Future



Words: 1546 (7 pages)

With the popularity of the Internet and the development of e-commerce, the recommendation system has gradually become an important component of ecommerce IT technology, and has drawn the more and more attention from esearchers and business people. However, most of the existing e-commerce systems use only part of the information available to make recommendations. With…

Logotherapy and Motivation



Words: 693 (3 pages)

Through years of mental and physical abuse they’ve changed. Their thoughts, ideas and feelings were no longer the same as those of everyone else. Frankl noticed this behavior and described the stages of their psychological reaction upon getting their freedom back. Discovering of meaning is the central element in this theory. This discovery can happen…

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