Why Spanking Is a Bad Idea Article About Family Education

In the article, “Why Spanking Is a Bad Idea” posted in the Family Education website by the American Academy of Pediatrics states that, “Spanking is a mild form of corporal punishment. ” They mention parents occasionally hit their children when they are stressed, frustrated, or their child has done something wrong. Pediatrics feels that spanking is not an effective or positive approach to discipline. Pediatrics says that, “Spanking teaches a child that violence is an acceptable way to express anger and to deal with conflict. They said, “Deliberately instilling pain on children is cruel. Also that spanking can become an emotional problem for the parents and the child and it also leads to remorse, quilt and doubts, making a child feel like there is something wrong with him/her. The Pediatrics, also mention that, “Spanking makes a child feel powerless. ” Pediatrics feel like if all you do is spank a child, it forms distrust between the parent and child. They feel that parents are supposed to love, nurture and protect, instead they are doing the opposite by spanking.

Although the author makes valid points regarding this form of discipline, spanking is necessary in some cases. Different children respond to different forms of discipline. Some learn by their parents sitting down and talking to them about what they did wrong, others by being placed in time out, or by having their privileges taken away or by a rewards system. Yet, some children learn by being spanked. It helps the child understand obedience. Parents make rules for their children to follow, for example, no stealing, no fighting, and no lying and when these rules are disobeyed punishment should follow.

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There are proper ways for parents Montgomery Page 2 to spank their children without it becoming child abuse. It shouldn’t be done on a child’s bare bottom or with the use of a weapon. Spanking has its place, like everything else does. Spanking is intended to bring the child’s attention to his/her bad behavior. Is spanking going to destroy the child? “NO. ” Many children have been spanked in this world and they are still living healthy lives, doing well in the society. Spanking is a part of disciplining children.

Spanking is all about correcting, teaching and loving the child enough to ensure that he will be secure. Spanking is simply a little swat on the rear or slap on the hand. When a child climbs up on the kitchen counter after being told not to or does other things after being warned, that may call for a little swat on the rear or slap on the hand. A parent spanking a child should have a good justification for doing so, for example, when a child behaves in a way that may cause harm to himself or herself and others, bullying, harassing siblings or other people or throwing temper tantrums when he/she can’t have their way.

We can all agree that spanking can be cruel punishment, if a child is spanked too long or too often and is deliberately inflicted with physical pain. Parents should never hit their children when they are frustrated, upset or angry because it may cause them to lose control and severely hurt their child. This can cause a dangerous atmosphere of fear. They need to wait and calm themselves down. When spanking a child a parent shouldn’t spank him/ her to the point that it inflicts so much pain that the child can’t remember what they did wrong.

Parents should always explain to their children what they did wrong so that they know why Montgomery Page 3 they’re being spanked. We also, can agree that sometimes parents take spanking a little too far, which can be considered child abuse. We also agree that children need to be disciplined; it’s just a matter of the way parents chose to do it. Yes, the child’s behavior needs to be corrected. Parents also need to make sure they tell and show how much they love their children. Another common ground that the Pediatrics and us agree share on is that parents should never spank out of rage, anger, confusion or frustration.

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