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I Want to Take a Faculty Role in a Medical School

Career Goals


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Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated with the workings of the perfect living machine- The human body. It built in me a passion for medicine which was further heightened by the high esteem that my family and the community have for this noble profession. I grew up in a community with only…

Comparative look at Medical Education in Germany and the United States



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Health Topic Health care systems serve a growing population that reflects an aging population in most developed nations. Each countries system requires many players in every setting to make it successful. However, doctors are often seen as the unofficial or official leaders, and while practitioners across the globe are referred to as doctor medical education…

Why I Want Develop in Medical Field


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Throughout the world, many careers are being pursued. But one of the leading career fields that has a huge impact on society is the medical one. In this prestigious field, there are various types of careers being pursued, some of which include being an EMT, a nurse, a surgeon and many more. All medical field…

Personal Statement Medical School


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My desire to become a doctor is rooted in my experiences caring for my mother, a type 1 diabetic who for many years fought a losing battle against her disease. When I was 15 years old, I came home from school to find her slumped over on the bathroom floor, barely conscious. As I knelt…

Myths About Civil War Medicine

Civil War


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One of the greatest myths told about Civil War medicine is that anesthetics weren’t used during surgeries or amputations. While it may be easy to believe, medicine was not quite that primitive during the era. A variety of sedatives were used during surgeries, including chloroform and whiskey. Chloroform negatively affects the central nervous system, liver,…

Impact of University Demands and Social Support on the Mental Health of Medical Students


Mental Health


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Existing research shows that the majority of mental disorders originate during high school and university years (Wörfel, et al., 2015). Studies published between 1990 and 2010 reveal that despite being a socially advantaged population, university students tend to experience higher magnitudes of stress-related disorders relative to the general population. (Ibrahim, et al., 2013). Medical schools…

The Rundown of Sports Medicine: My Path to Orthopedic Sports Medicine


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Abstract You need to include a summary of your paper here if required. It should not be longer than a 150-200 words (about a half a page). Do not bold the word abstract or make it larger. It should be in the same size and font as the rest of the paper. Do not indent…

Why I Want Study in Medical School


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Ashley Salas is my name, and at this a point of my life, I am assured I want to a cardiovascular surgeon. I want to pursue my life in the medical field when I graduate from high school because I’m so intrigued by medicine. Actions I need to take to achieve great success in life…

Importance of Medical School for Medical Student



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The documentary of “Making of a Doctor” that was watched was a summarized version of what went on in the lives of seven medical students and how it went during their residency program. During medical school they learned their basics for becoming a doctor and many different skills that should be known for future use…

Non maleficence and beneficence



Health Care


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            Medical ethics deal with the study of judgments and moral values as they apply in the area of medicine.  As a discipline in the secondary level, medical ethics include the application of practical clinic settings, work on its theology, history, philosophy, and sociology.  According to Charlesworth (2001) the principles of medical ethics are shared…

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