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The Importance of Confidentiality in the Medical Field


Words: 866 (4 pages)

Most jobs have a confidentiality policy. In the medical field, confidentiality is extremely important. If the wrong person were to gain access to someone’s medical records, they could use that against them. It can potentially harm that person’s personal life. Keeping a patient’s information and medical records confidential is a must. The importance of confidentiality…

Case Study of Bulimia Nervosa


Mental Disorder

Mental Health

Words: 1766 (8 pages)

Case History Background Information The client, Rita is a 26-year-old manager of the women’s dress department in a large department store. Her childhood was not a happy one since her parents divorced when she was about 5 years of age. She would often describe her childhood as utterly chaotic, as if no one were in…

Nazi Medical Experiments


Words: 1192 (5 pages)

During World War II, a number of German physicians conducted painful and often deadly experiments on thousands of concentration camp prisoners without their consent. Unethical medical experimentation carried out during the Third Reich may be divided into three categories. The first category consists of experiments aimed at facilitating the survival of Axis military personnel. The…

Privacy Concerns with Electronic Medical Records


Words: 1933 (8 pages)

Prior to the Information Age, medical records were all stored in folders in secure filing cabinets at doctor’s offices, hospitals, or health departments. The information within the folders was confidential, and shared solely amongst the patient and physician. Today these files are fragmented across multiple treatment sites due to the branching out of specialty centers…

Montefiore Medical Center Case Analsisy


Words: 1268 (6 pages)

Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the balanced scorecard in this type of an organization. Brief summary of Montefiore Medical Center: * MMC started off in 1884 as a home for the chronically ill that other hospitals couldn’t help, dedicated in honor of Sir Moses Montefiore. * In 1963, Montefiore agreed to operate the patient…

Arguments For Using Stem Cells In Biomedical Research And Medicine


Words: 473 (2 pages)

Embryonic Stem cells were first found in 1981 using mice and monkeys. In the year 1995 the first human embryo was used for research. In 1998 researchers successfully isolated the embryonic stem cell and grown them in a lab (Tester). There are some restrictions to the embryonic stem cell research. The embryos used should be…

Electronic Medical Records


Words: 580 (3 pages)

An electronic health record is an evolving concept defined as a systematic collection of electronic health information about individual patients or populations. It is a record in digital format that is theoretically capable of being shared across different health care settings. The system is designed to capture and re-present data that accurately capture the state…

Article annotation


Mental Disorder


Words: 607 (3 pages)

Summary of the article “Race, Neighborhood Disadvantage, and Violence Among Persons with Mental Disorders: The Importance of Contextual Measurement”             The article, “Race, Neighborhood Disadvantage, and Violence Among Persons with Mental Disorders: The Importance of Contextual Measurement,” written by Eric Silver, basically shows that race, contrary to popular perception and to results of various researches,…

The Most Commonly Used Herbal Medicines in Philippines



Words: 4243 (17 pages)

Introduction “Nothing is more calming than connecting with God through his nature. His beautiful creations, gifts and blessings we should never take for granted but enjoy”- Rachel Sazon Reyes. Many years ago when the production of a lot of materials made by nature had been idealized by many civilizations and immensely brought us the reality…

Medical Terminology, Hit 107


Patient safety

Words: 1744 (7 pages)

Abbreviations and Acronyms in the Healthcare Industry Introduction The use of abbreviations and acronyms in healthcare has become an international patient safety issue. Common problems include ambiguous, unfamiliar, and look-alike abbreviations and acronyms leading to misinterpretation and medical errors. The patient’s safety is a common goal in every healthcare institution. One of the major issues…

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