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The Significance of the Service Industry

Service Industry

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According to JIS, Oroyo Ebanks (July 4, 2015) published that the President of the Jamaica Agricultural Society, Senator Norman Grant is attributing the recent growth in the Jamaican economy to the performance of the agricultural sector. At the JIS ‘Think Tank’ on July 1, Senator Grant noted that “the agricultural sector continues to play a…

Customer Service at Airtel

Service Industry

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Customer service is the key business issue. Effective churn management allows the company to stay ahead of its competitors, increases profitability and improves investor confidence. There are no simple solutions; must adopt aggressive strategies which cut across the customer lifecycle and underpin all business processes. Customer service is not given the attention due to it,…

Impact of technology in service industry

Impact of Technology

Service Industry


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Evaluate the impact of technology in increasing Malaysia’s quality of the service industry. 1.0Introduction Nowadays, with the continuous growth of competition in the market place, understanding customer satisfaction has become very important in service industry (Chun Wang, 2006). The role of technology in service industry has helped a lot of organizations to reduce unnecessary expenses…

Frequently Asked Questions about Service Industry

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What exactly is a service industry?
service industry, an industry in that part of the economy that creates services rather than tangible objects. ... A services-dominated economy is characteristic of developed countries. In less-developed countries most people are employed in primary activities such as agriculture and mining.
What is the importance of service businesses in our society?
An important advantage of service companies is that they are able to adapt to the changing needs of their customers much quicker than product-based companies. For example, let's say you own a company that exclusively sells male action figures, but the market demands change and make female action figures more popular.
What is the importance of service industry?
Why are service industries important? Service industries are an important part of society for a variety of reasons, including: Delivering essential services to the public: Often, service industries provide essential services to the public, such as healthcare, transportation and education.

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