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Sea and Filipino Seafarer




Words: 515 (3 pages)

Indeed, that’s what a Filipino seafarer is. But what is a seafarer by the way. According to www. pinoymaritime. com, a seafarer is a traveler who goes by the sea. Or even a person who works near the ocean. Seafarers come from all over the world spending their lives close to the seas as they…

The Green Industrial concept

Human Impact On The Environment


Natural Environment




Waste Management

Words: 1659 (7 pages)

Say if the objectives were met and if not why not Word limit = 1500 Appendices are allowed as extra words (for diagrams and illustrations) You should use the module material available to you together with your own experience and research. Carrying out additional research is highly recommended as this will help you to digest…

Poe Research Paper PoeThis is

Edgar Allan Poe



Words: 2063 (9 pages)

Poe Essay, Research Paper Poe This essay is about how Poe uses the description of environments in his narrations. I shall explicate this use with close mention to several short narratives by Poe. A full listing of the narratives used appears in the List of Works Consulted at the terminal of this essay. It is…

Maritime Compass Llc

Scientific method


Statistical analysis


Words: 1105 (5 pages)

How much is the Bet Performer worth based on comparable transactions? What ship is the best reference transaction? (the closest comparable)? Comparable transaction is a conventional method of evaluating the value of something that is ready for sale. To value a ship, one had to identify a set of “comparable” ships where comparability was based…

The Perilous Helen Tavrel – Part One

Catholic Church



Spanish Empire

Words: 2751 (12 pages)

“As for Roger O’Farrel … He took me off a sinking ship when I was a baby and raised me like his own daughter. And if I took to the life of a rover, it is not his fault, who would have established me like a fine lady ashore had I wished. ” – Robert…

Cruise Ship Staff Positions





Words: 847 (4 pages)

Both areas are essential to passengers have a highly enjoyable cruise. Cruisers expect to attend various shows and events to take their relaxation mood to new heights as they attend social activities. The support these positions carry makes cruise ship experience priceless. The cruise staff is in control of the show biz and public performances…

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