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Organizational Behavior Case Study




Words: 563 (3 pages)

Jeff Rommel’s introduction to Florida could be described as trial by hurricane. Rommel took over Florida operations in 2004 for Nationwide Insurance. Over a 2-month period in 2004, Florida experienced its worst hurricane season in history—four major hurricanes (Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne) slammed the state, causing an estimated $40 billion in damage. In the…

Cockpit Automation






Words: 2852 (12 pages)

Introduction Since the technology came into play, many sectors of the economy have embraced it to ensure that they are not left behind in terms of competitive environments in their business areas. Technology has played a very significant role in changing how business organizations carry out their activities. In general, there are many benefits that…

Journal of Air Transport Management


Business Model

Business Process



Pricing strategies

Words: 1326 (6 pages)

Journal of Air Transport Management 15 (2009) 195–203 Contents lists available at ScienceDirect Journal of Air Transport Management journal homepage: www. elsevier. com/locate/jairtraman Pricing strategies of low-cost airlines: The Ryanair case study Paolo Malighetti a, *, Stefano Paleari a, Renato Redondi b a b Department of Economics and Technology Management, University of Bergamo– Universoft, Viale…

Competitive strategy that Easyjet have utilised


Competitive Advantage



Strategic Management

Words: 3148 (13 pages)

The purpose of this study is to analyze and measure the competitory scheme that Easyjet have utilised in order to develop their current competitory place in the low monetary value no frills air hose market. Aims Definitions of competitory scheme Explain Porters generic scheme Analyse the competitory scheme of Easyjet Measure the competitory scheme of…

Airasia assignment




Customer Satisfaction


Words: 1429 (6 pages)

Airline industry in the current market become more competitive compared to last decade. This is because of the existing new competitors no matter in local or international airline service. With this competition among the airline service providers, each of the company needs to be very concern towards consumers’ needs and wants. This is important for…

Flat Cargo Berhad Review


Board of directors




Words: 1189 (5 pages)

Overview Flat Cargo Berhad was one of the largest airfreight companies in Malaysia, servicing several government linked companies including Freight Malaysia Berhad. FCB was a public listed Company operating primarily as an air cargo carrier. It was registered as an investment holding company with several subsidiaries with principal activities ranging from air freight services and…

Eurostar Strategic Analysis


Competitive Advantage

Customer relationship management


Strategic Management

Swot Analysis

Words: 3488 (14 pages)

Eurostar International Ltd. Strategic Analysis Report. |CONTENTS | 1. Introduction 2. Strategic Issue 4. PEST analysis 4. 1 Political 4. 2 Economic 4. 3 Social 4. 4 Technological 5. Porter’s 5 Forces 5. 1 Barriers to Entry 5. 2 Substitutes 5. 3 Bargaining Power of Buyers 5. 4 Bargaining Power of Suppliers 5. 5 Rivalry…

Analysis of Macro Environment of an Organization



Economic Growth

Words: 4423 (18 pages)

External environment’s information is obtained by numerous measures such as market research, observation, using social media, effective recognition and understanding of environmental changes can facilitate the organization to take measures in order to ensure that corporate objectives are being met. The analysis of business environment can be planned in PESTEL framework consisting following factors –…

Airbus and Boeing: a Comparison







Words: 1456 (6 pages)

It may be argued that the next major challenge in the business of air transportation, beyond the invention of heavier-than-air flight and jet-powered planes, is the worldwide separation of the market between two mega-corporations. Airbus and Boeing currently dominate about 90% of the air transportation market with very few major competitors on the horizon. However,…

JetBlue Airways Case Study



Human Resource Management

Human Resources


Trade union

Words: 1741 (7 pages)

JetBlue Airways: Starting from Scratch Case Study Analysis This case illustrates how an entrepreneurial venture can use human resource management – and specifically a values-centered approach to management – as a source of competitive advantage. The major challenge faced by Ann Roades is to grow this people-intensive organization at a rapid rate, while retaining high…

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How do airlines benefit the economy?
Things like safety, efficiency, freedom, adventure and commerce come to mind. Aviation accounts for more than 5% of our Gross Domestic Product, contributes $1.6 trillion in total economic activity and supports nearly 11 million jobs. Aviation manufacturing continues to be the nation's top net export.
What are the types of airlines?
Within aviation, airlines are generally grouped into three categories: legacy (or “network”) airlines, low cost carriers (LCCs), and ultra low cost carriers (ULCCs). While no two airlines are exactly alike, almost all of them fall into one of these categories.
What is the importance of airlines?
Aviation connects people, cultures, and businesses across every continent. It generates economic growth, facilitates international trade, and promotes tourism. With more than 1,300 airlines, that operate 31,717 aircraft at 3,759 airports, it's hard to overstate the impact of the aviation industry.

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