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My Journey and Growth in the RN to BSN Program

My Journey and Growth in the RN to BSN Program             My journey in the RN to BSN Program was not a simple one. It took a lot from me to get through the entire program; but even though it entailed hard work, it was worth it. All the courses I took led to my …


Writing is and essential part of communication in our society. Soon after children are taught the letters that make up our English language, they are taught the basics of formatting them into effective writing. On the job, usually no matter what it is we usually cant escape the written application, and we almost always find …

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Reinforcing the Theme of Journey in Poetry

How do composers use poetic techniques to  the theme of ‘journeys’ in their poetry? There are many different techniques that a poet can use to emphasize the theme of journeys in their work. When many of us think of journeys, we think of a person physically moving from one place to another. However, a journey …

Tsotsi’s Journey Essay

Visual Text essay for Tsotsi Describe important visual or aural symbol(s) in a visual text you have studied and analyse how the symbol(s) helped develop ideas in the text. In the film Tsotsi directed by Gavin Hood there were many important symbols. The film is about a young man, Tsotsi (a nickname which means thug) …

The Railway Journey by Wolfgang Schivelbusch

The Railway Journey by Wolfgang Schivelbusch The English novelist E.M. Foster once wrote, “Railway terminals are our gates to the glorious and the unknown. Through them we pass out into adventure and sunshine, to them, alas! we return.” The sentence in its essence signifies the marked importance that the railways occupied in the hearts and …

A Journey Inside The Soul

Last fall I started my Full-time MBA program. I was assigned to a group of five members, including myself. As part of our orientation, our first exercise was to take on a ropes course as a group. This exercise helped us to know more about each other and become more cohesive as we were unfamiliar …

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