Cruise Ship Staff Positions

Both areas are essential to passengers have a highly enjoyable cruise. Cruisers expect to attend various shows and events to take their relaxation mood to new heights as they attend social activities. The support these positions carry makes cruise ship experience priceless. The cruise staff is in control of the show biz and public performances on the luxury liner ship. The team plans over 100 leisure interest on a weekly basis. It’s the obligation of the passenger cruise ship staff to network, intermingle, and make encouraging acquaintances with the cruisers.

Cruise Taft position is the entry-level social position, for a passionate livelier, someone who likes spending lots of time interacting with people passengers. They must be able to have the ability to move around, jump in the game and getting passengers involved with not taking no for an answer. Be able to keep animated about shipboard activities, supporting with tour send off, and handling simple public affairs work for the cruise line. (Staff 2013). According to job descriptions, cruise staff must be self-motivated, energetic, and flexible. Have great customer service skills and excellent communication skills, and must be willing to travel.

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Talent in art, entertainment, and a high school diploma (Offer, 2009). The staff will need to enjoy every moment and feel like kings and queens on the cruise; so staff is responsible for your every enjoyment and sets up, and any recreational activity sponsored by the cruise line. Whatever the guests want to participate in and the ship has activity, then passenger welcome. The recreation staff is in charge of onboard entertainment and acts as a supervisor to the rest of the cruise staff department. The cruise director is the most visible crew member to the passengers because they coordinate passenger activities.

Also spends most f the time socializing with the guests and participation in shipboard activities. Responsible for hosting shows and events and greeting passengers as they come aboard and assisting passengers as they disembark the ship (Director, 2013). Describe your method of collecting the information for the job analysis (i. E. , one-on-one, interview, survey, etc. ). There’s a several method of collecting information for a job analysis. Here are some common methods. When choosing a plan consideration needs to be taken at a time, cost and efforts.

According to Regarding, eh Contributor, you first evaluate the worth of the position. Then prepare descriptions for each position. Next prepare job descriptions for each position. Follow it up by reviewing the compass present staffing condition. Collection of information through the process of gathering background information is also critical. Often employees conduct on the job research on the roles of a job. This method is sometimes called the observation method. Through observing an employee, you get to see the responsibilities and duties involved in handling particular jobs.

Another method is through requesting additional information from managers, supervisors, and subordinates about the role. The interview method is used full when doing a job analysis. According to The Management Study Guide, in the interview process an employee is interviewed so that he or she creates a working style while performing their job and insecurities and fears about their careers. Keep in mind there are other methods including task inventory, job element method, competency profiling, technical conference, threshold traits analysis system and a combination of these methods (MASC., 2013). Create a job description from the job analysis.

Job descriptions are necessary information used to announce specific jobs. Based on the wording of a job description, you are either interested or not interested in a particular job. Cruise staff positions are often entry-level social positions. This job is for the passionate and overenthusiastic only. An assistant cruise director’s job is to spend a lot of time with the passengers (Cruise Ship Staff Positions I Cruise Director Jobs, Activity (n. D. ). And doing general public relations. Social dance training is preferred. Cruise staff will also be expected to sing or dance in shows when needed (JDK, 2013).

The Cruise Director was responsible for all onboard entertainment. The Cruise Director entertains and performs a couple time a voyage. The cruise director is the lead entertainer, but now this role is more administrative and acts as a supervisor to the rest of the “cruise staff’ department. The cruise director is the most visible crew member to the passengers (JDK, 2013). Justify your belief that the job analysis and job description are in compliance with state and federal regulations. With increased responsibility for compliance, employee practices ensure companies comply with both federal and state regulations.

Companies have to comply tit federal and state regulations because job descriptions include information that affect different Acts like, which require compliance with current laws. The results of a job analysis and job description can occur in many organizations determining whether they are complying with the requirements of many of these organizations. According to the text, Analysis results should be in writing, the method used to analyze the job should be clearly described, and Expert job analysis should collect data from several up-to-date sources. To be sure the results are accurate data should be in a large group.

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