Disadvantages of Free Education

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Imagine walking in a classroom with motivated energetic individuals that are ready to learn but instead, are met with people that are unmotivated and uninterest in learning that are their just because of it free, that does not take part of group activities and interrupt the leach. While free college sounds great, it not for everyone rather it will encourage people to take advantage of the opportunity they are given and lower one success because it will lower the quality of an education one receiver, it will send the wrong message to people and it will devalue a college or university degree. If one is not willing to invest in themselves they should the other pay for it. If one truly desires to go to college or university they will do whatever it takes to make it happen rather there are a lack people that now willing to put the work for it.

Every year their goes hundred of unclaimed grant money that never gets claimed by one rather they’re a lack of students that are not willing to put the work for it.

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It lowers the quality of education one is receive because it is impossible to deliver quality education to all students while charging nothing. The money pay by the student’s tuition pays for the professor salary and the university. If the students are not one pay for it; The government is the one pay for it, it will mean the taxpayer is the one pay for it. They already pay for substantial grand and scholarships awarded to students every year. It’s wrong to put the burden on the taxpayer for a decision entirely resting on the individual’s shoulders. University all already offer grants, making them available to all students who are serious and drives to for their education. Loan encourage students to take their education seriously and understand that is not a change to party without your parent’s supervision. It an investment in your future.

Going to a University is not a requirement is a choice. Like anything in life, One needs to work hard for it and be motivated. One takes the necessary step for them to attend. Saving money, applying for financial aid, and getting good grades in high school for the opportunity for a scholarship. It teaches one to take their education seriously and be responsible for it. There are a lot of people that do not care for their education. Making university and college free will send the wrong message, It will allow students who fool around in high school and did not try to get in. Just for them to go to a party and have fun, these people will take advantage of the system because it free. They will fill the schools and ruin the reputation of the school and change of people that are serious about getting their education.

The original intent of going to a University was to settings yourself apart from other; making one a rare commodity thereby making one more valuable and make more money. The job market is more competitive now than it has ever been. Imagine thousands of people with the same degree as your competition for the same job. There will be not enough room to fill employment. Getting an education can get you so far with so many people get the same one. It will lower the value of a degree has.

While making higher education free to millions sound like a great idea it will deceive students into thinking they will get their dream job. Later to find out they are unemploy just like them. It will deprive a student of quality educator and affect the overall experience one has their education. By cutting these fee would only benefit those who do not have to pay for. It will deceive people not to take their education seriously. They will have to put more effort for them to graduate.

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