The Importance of Free Education

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Most people would argue that free college is an unwise decision. The questions of, who would take advantage of the program and where would the money come from to fund such a cause, Perhaps are questions that may be brought up. These may be valid concerns, but free public college is actually a great idea. Most jobs now require a type of skill or higher than a high school diploma even for a low-end job. Therefore public college should be free because education will benefit the nation, increase skills to fill jobs, and increase college-educated citizens.

Free college would benefit our nation with better jobs and higher pay. College attendance levels are low due to the cost of tuition if we as people need the education to obtain jobs, why is it so expensive? With tuition steadily rising it’s putting citizens out of reach of an education that is needed in order to have a substantial living. Even some minimum wage jobs are now wanting workers with more than just a high school diploma or G.E.D. “A high school degree does not adequately prepare people for success in today’s high tech economy”(Scholastic ). This is why public college should at least be free. People would greatly benefit from this and have some hope of maintaining a good job. With a free college program in place, there would be less discouraged citizens of America in seek of a postsecondary education.

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America is at stake if its citizens aren’t educated, they will eventually be tossed away into low-income situations and struggling to make it day to day. Graduating with high student loans would mean being forced to pay them your whole life, No one wants to be stuck in debt and paying for the rest of their lives. “Since the 1970s, tuition and fees at public institutions have increased by more than 350 percent, while pay for working–and middle-class households have stagnated”( Warren, Sonti). “As an outcome of the cost of public-college education is now accounts for almost 15 percent of the average family’s annual income, the total student loan obligations exceed $1 trillion and some are still counting to rise”(Warren, Sonti).

Not only would free college benefit the nation but it will increase skills to fill jobs. There are current skill gaps that need to be filled in our country. Public colleges are essential for providing workers with skills, especially for jobs that require some post-secondary technical education and/or on the job learning. Public college being free would be a great head start to learning the required skills needed to perform the jobs. The economy needs this to help and expand the workforce. Free college is essential to those who want to make a difference. Skill training is required for almost every type of job today.

Employment today would greatly benefit from a free college program because employees would have the skills needed, this will help close skills gaps in the community and workforce. Most importantly the unemployment rate would become lower if students could retain the college education that is needed. A college education would help practice and prepare for more critical job skills. This is great and will make workers pay better. “There’s plenty of research that shows investigating in higher education generates a return on that investment as high as 10 percent annually” (Levitz). Students would be able to focus more on their studies rather than worrying about how to make enough money to fund each upcoming school term.

With free college, there will be an increase in the more college-educated citizen. More college-educated citizens are Tremendous to the community and well being of the future. A better-educated population could result in smarter decision making at every level of society, which could lead to faster progress in solving our most difficult challenges. The former president “Barack Obama has proposed a new federal-state partnership grant program that would make two years of community college free“ (camera). It is great that he was aboard with the idea of free college. That goes to show there is still hope for the idea and how much it would benefit America. “In the first year of the Tennessee program, 57,000 students, representing almost 90 percent of the state’s high school graduating class, applied for the program” (Camera). This program increases college-educated citizens the most efficiently. The higher the college-educated population the better outcome of obtaining knowledge and being able to keep up with the economy.

Students are in need daily of a post-secondary education. After high school it is vital that one goes on to extend their studies for the workforce, it is hard to accomplish this goal when tuition is high. More people could go to college and have a higher pay off with a free college program in place. The free college will benefit skills, educate the population and help the economy. Those that are willing to succeed will greatly appreciate free college. America is constantly growing and needs educated citizens to benefit the nation. This can be extremely helpful to students who struggle with affording college, elders who never got to start or finish their degree, and others that are trying to gain skills for the workforce.

Overall free college is a positive move in society and is a great idea. Education is the key that unlocks the door of opportunity. College should be free to everyone equally and not based on taxes or income. Taking out student loans can be very pricey and hard to pay back Causing debt. Some parents are still paying their student loans while trying to pay for there children’s as well. Finally, college should be free to better the country as a whole. It would help stop the poverty and crime. “I think we have to push to reduce the student-loan interest rate for existing debt. The most egregious thing we do to these borrowers is made the debt nondischargeable”(Levitz). The free college will keep the U.S. United.

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