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Contrast of Attachment & Social Learning Theory


Social learning theory

Words: 1057 (5 pages)

Attachment Theory Attachment theory is about human relations, it confers the emotional attachment of individuals. The main principle of attachment theory is that a child at his early stage of development is dependent on primary care giver. A primary care giver can be his mother or anyone close to him. For normal development of child…

Social Psychology Definition Paper


Social learning theory

Words: 592 (3 pages)

Social Psychology Definition Paper Week 1 November 10, 2009 Social Psychology is “the scientific study of the effects of social and cognitive processes on the way individuals perceive, influence, and relate to others (Myers, 2008, p. 3). ” Bandura’s social learning theory suggests that parents have an influence on his or her child’s behavior. In…

Gender Stereotyping

Gender Issues

Social learning theory

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Parents play the role of nurturing their children and preparing them for society, and somewhere in between they have unintentionally introduced their children to gender stereotyping (beliefs and behaviors acceptable for girls and boys). As children grow they start to learn gender typing on their own through biological and environmental influences. Then through observation children…

Psychology: Principles Of Neo-Behaviorism


Social learning theory

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Neo-behaviourism is a branch of psychology that draws its principles from behaviourism. Neo- behaviourism is a more flexible concept and seeks to analyze and understand phenomena that cannot be measured or observed such as stress, love, trust, empathy or personality. “Neobehaviorism departs from classic behaviorism in that while the latter is concerned exclusively with observable…

Theories Which Influence Thinking and Help Determine the Current Approach


Social learning theory

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Theories Which Influence Thinking and Help Determine the Current Approach             Thinking is a fundamental process inherent in every human, through which the world can be modelled. Now this structuring of world can involve various constructs, including cognition, consciousness, idea and imagination.             Bulk of research works on cognitive psychology is aimed at unravelling the…

You Too Can Learn To Be A Serial Killer …Now Let’s Begin

Serial Killer

Social learning theory

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You Too Can Learn To Be A Serial Killer[1]…Now Let’s Begin             Some theories in criminology believe that criminality is a function of individual socialization, how individuals have been influenced by their experiences or relationships with family relationships, peer groups, teachers, church, authority figures, and other agents of socialization.  These are called learning theories, and…

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