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South Korea was Supported by the United States


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There have been nurses in every way ever fought ( Editors, 2018). Their job was the same but how, where and when they did their jobs differ ( Editors, 2018). Every war had some innovation, whether small or large, that impacted nursing ( Editors, 2018). There were some wars that bought about significant charge to…

Democratic Peoples of Korea


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The Korean war only lasted for three years, starting in 1950 and ending 1953. There were a full amount of countries being involved in The Korean War, such as the Soviet Union, the United States, the Democratic Peoples of Korea (North Korea), the Republic of Korea (South Korea), the United Nations Canada, Columbia, and so…

Regime-Building Process Under the Occupation of Soviet Union


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From a bottom-up perspective, Armstrong states his claim by providing statistical observations and quoting from letters, internal reports, and interviews, showing how the North Korean reacted and behaved in the regime-building process under the occupation of Soviet Union. Initially, unlike many scholars, Armstrong claims that Kim II-sung, the first leader of North Korea, is the…

Air Defense and the Korean War


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The Korean War was fought between North and South Korea. It began in June of 1950, at the end of World War 2. The United States and the Soviet Union were two of the biggest super powers during this time, each one with a very different perspective of what a society would look like. The…

Impacts of the Korean War


Korean War

Words: 654 (3 pages)

The Korean War which broke out in 1950 and ended in 1953 resulted in many impacts in many areas. The impacts that I will be discussing upon will be- 1. Loss of many lives, 2. Formation of Allies, 3. Implementation of NSC68, 4. Rise of China and 5. Rise of Japan. The scope of this…

Essay- Korean Psyche


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Nowadays, many Korean are prejudiced against the Japanese. The main reason why we feel antipathy for them is the Imjin War of 1592 and the era under the colonial administration of imperial Japan. Then, I will write about why we have gotten antipathy, even though we won the Imjin War and we separated from Japan…

Comparison on Traditional and Simplified Chinese Hanzi, Korean Hanja and Japanese Kanji




Words: 5130 (21 pages)

Comparison on Traditional and Simplified Chinese Hanzi, Korean Hanja and Japanese Kanji Introduction Both the Korean Hanja and the Japanese Kanji were derived from the Chinese Hanzi, hence they are still alike in many areas to its predecessor (Kim, 1997). However, some alterations and differences were made to suit both countries’ grammar and phonetics. Hanja…

Contemporary Korean Society



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Contemporary Korean Society                The following is a post on South Korean conglomeration, the business conglomerates is the main focus of these posts; they are credited with spearheading south Korea’s capital Industrialization in the past few decades. They encourage gender inequalities in the offices.               The post looks at the social and cultural construction of…

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