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Art Research Paper The Italian painter


Words: 414 (2 pages)

The Italian painter, sculpturer and designer Michaelangelo was brought to Florence right after birth and grew up in the attention of a stonecutter ’ s married woman. With 13 he became an learner to the Ghirlandajor and subsequently was taken into the Medici family. In 1501, he returned to Florence from Rome and received a…

The Italian Mafia: A Threat to National Security


Words: 1545 (7 pages)

The Italian Mafia has become such a powerful and threatening network in countries like Italy and America. The mafia uses brute force and intelligence to gain control over the politics, Church, and economy of these countries. Although its members carry out numerous crimes, like assaulting political and church officials, they are vital to the economy…

Marco Polo: Italian Merchant Traveler from the Republic of Venice



Words: 2043 (9 pages)

Marco Polo ( i/?m?rko? ?po?lo?/; Italian pronunciation: [?marko ?p??lo]; c. 1254 – January 8–9, 1324)[1] was an Italian merchant traveler from the Republic of Venice[2][3] whose travels are recorded in Livres des merveilles du monde, a book which did much to introduce Europeans to Central Asia and China. He learned the mercantile trade from his…

The Differences Between the Italians and the Jews Who Immigrated From Europe to America




Words: 1053 (5 pages)

Two of the largest groups were the Italians and the Jews. Upon coming to America, both groups lived very similar and also very different lives at the same time. This paper will explore the common ground between the two groups, as well as the differences in their experiences. Jews and Italians both fled their countries…

An Analysis of the Topic of the Chicago’s Italian Connection




Words: 1290 (6 pages)

Chicago’s has always had an Italian connection. In the early 1900s the influence of Italian mafia on Chicago was strong and especially that of Al Capone. As the years passed by the mafia’s influence became less but they surely left behind their Italian cuisine for the people of Chicago to enjoy. One such classy place…

A Study of Southern Italian Cuisine




Words: 536 (3 pages)

We reside in a highly diverse world with numerous varied cultures. Food is a means for different cultures to showcase their uniqueness, as seen in various cuisines. For instance, Mexico offers lively and spicy dishes, while China presents simple and traditional meals that reflect their way of life. Now, let’s focus on Southern Italian cuisine,…

A Discussion of the Waves of Italian Immigrants That Came to the United States




Words: 2296 (10 pages)

This paper discusses the waves of Italian immigrants that came to the United States in 1820-1880 and 1880-1920, and asks if being from a different region in Italy resulted in different treatment from American citizens. (10+ pages; 8 sources; MLA citation style) Introduction Italians are one of the largest groups of immigrants to come to…

Twentieth-Century Italian Literature and Cinema Aesthetically Brought to Life Ideas





Words: 2068 (9 pages)

Twentieth-century Italian Literature and Cinema Aesthetically Brought to Life Ideas Friederich Nietzsche defines history as being an organization of man’s memory in relation to the past, as seen in terms of a series of events. Nietzche’s approach toward history can be articulated in what he dubs his three modern forms of historical consciousness: monumental, antiquarian,…

The italian Renaissance artists




Words: 1643 (7 pages)

The Italian renaissance is known for the three greatest contributors to the world of art – Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Raphael.  These three artists of the Italian renaissance are collectively known as the three giants of the world of art.  However, unknown to many, there are many other artists who contributed a lot to…

Amount Of Italian Culture, Music



New York City

Words: 1209 (5 pages)

From 1876 to 1924, more than 4.5 million Italian immigrants arrived in America, bringing their culture which encompassed traditions, food, literature, and music. The influx of immigrants had a significant impact on the growth of New York City during the nineteenth century due to the rising immigrant population. Italian music has since become a widely…

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