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Marco Polo: Italian Merchant Traveler from the Republic of Venice



Words: 2043 (9 pages)

Marco Polo ( i/?m?rko? ?po?lo?/; Italian pronunciation: [?marko ?p??lo]; c. 1254 – January 8–9, 1324)[1] was an Italian merchant traveler from the Republic of Venice[2][3] whose travels are recorded in Livres des merveilles du monde, a book which did much to introduce Europeans to Central Asia and China. He learned the mercantile trade from his…

Art Research Paper The Italian painter


Words: 414 (2 pages)

The Italian painter, sculpturer and designer Michaelangelo was brought to Florence right after birth and grew up in the attention of a stonecutter ’ s married woman. With 13 he became an learner to the Ghirlandajor and subsequently was taken into the Medici family. In 1501, he returned to Florence from Rome and received a…

The Italian Michelangelo Buonarroti


Words: 1867 (8 pages)

The Italian Michelangelo Buonarotti, almost certainly the most famous artist produced by Western civilization and arguably the greatest, is universally viewed as the supreme Renaissance artist (see Renaissance art and architecture). He created monumental works of painting, sculpture, and architecture and left an additional legacy of numerous letters and poems. Through this vast and multifaceted…

Twentieth-Century Italian Literature and Cinema Aesthetically Brought to Life Ideas





Words: 2068 (9 pages)

Twentieth-century Italian Literature and Cinema Aesthetically Brought to Life Ideas Friederich Nietzsche defines history as being an organization of man’s memory in relation to the past, as seen in terms of a series of events. Nietzche’s approach toward history can be articulated in what he dubs his three modern forms of historical consciousness: monumental, antiquarian,…

Classical Hollywood Cinema and Italian Neorealism




Words: 888 (4 pages)

Classical Hollywood Cinema and Italian Neorealism Classical Hollywood Cinema and Italian Neorealism were the two different phases that brought out changes in the way we perceive cinema, having an influence on each other and with each having their unique features. Classical Hollywood Cinema dates to the era around 1910s and the 1960s. It was also…

Italian Lira


Words: 322 (2 pages)

The Italian Lira is a fairly new currency with roots that lie deep within Italian culture. The word “lira” is actually derived from the Latin word “libra”, meaning pound, making it a distant cousin to that of the British pound sterling. The lira was a monetary unit long before it existed as a coin or…

The italian Renaissance artists




Words: 1648 (7 pages)

The italian renaissance artists The Italian renaissance is known for the three greatest contributors to the world of art – Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Raphael.  These three artists of the Italian renaissance are collectively known as the three giants of the world of art.  However, unknown to many, there are many other artists who…

Essay about Italian Mafia


Words: 1555 (7 pages)

Ryan Caroli Professor Warburton Exploratory Essay 18 April 2013 Italian Mafia The Italian Mafia has become such a powerful and threatening network in countries like Italy and America. The mafia uses brute force and intelligence to gain control over the politics, Church, and economy of these countries. Although its members carry out numerous crimes, like…

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