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Essays about Mother Tongue

The negative transfer of mother tongue and Chinglish

So, foreign language acquisition is a very complex psychological process. For the learners who have already mastered the basic lexical items and basic grammatical structures of a anguage, foreign language learning is proceeding on the basis ofthe existing linguistic knowledge (of the mother tongue, of general learning strategies, or of the universal properties of language). …

Questions on Tan’s, Mother Tongue

I believe she titled it this way because she was going into specifics about how her mother spoke, and because no one speaks he same English as another person she specified and made it known she was referring to her mother’s usage of the language. Also, we learned throughout the essay her mom had difficulties …

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Mother Tongue

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Mother Tongue by Amy Tan

The essay I want to write on is Mother Tongue, which is written by Amy Tan. This article recalls me some adversities when the first few days I came to the United States. Amy is an ethnic Chinese writer who was born and living in United States. She was faced with language problem during her …

Essay about Benefits of a Mother Tongue

I.INTRODUCTION One of the changes in the basic curriculum of education brought about by the new K + 12 program is the introduction of Mother Tongue – based Multilingual Education. It will be implemented specifically to kindergarten, grades 1, 2 and 3. Mother Tongue refers to “first-language-first” education that is, schooling which begins in the …

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