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Figurative language and literacy

Figurative Language


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Figurative language is language that cannot be taken literally since it was written to produce a certain effect. Edwards makes effective use of figurative language as he speaks of God’ s wrath. Find three examples of his use of figurative language and explain why they are effective. “The wrath of God is like great waters…

Figurative Language Sample

Figurative Language

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Figurative linguistic communication. word or group of words used to give peculiar accent to an thought or sentiment. The particular accent is typically accomplished by the user’s witting divergence from the rigorous actual sense of a word. or from the more normally used signifier of word order or sentence building. From ancient times to the…

How Figurative Language Affects Tone

Figurative Language

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How Figurative Language Effects Tone in “On First Looking Into Chessman’s Homer” As seen by simply reading the poem, one cannot come from it without having a feeling of awe and inspiration, along with a new desire to read Chessman’s translation of Homer. The poem is rich with emotion-invoking language and filled to the brim…

Figurative Language

Figurative Language

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Figurative Language In Emily Dickinson’s “I like to see it lap the miles” she uses several elements of figurative language to compare a train’s movement to those of a horse. “Iron horse” was the Native American name for trains because they were made of metal and traveled quickly. She compares the two in movement, size,…

Diction, Imagery, and Figurative Language in Herbert’s “Virtue”

Figurative Language

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The beauty and goodness of creation often overwhelms us with awe because it is a mirror of the goodness and supremacy of the Creator. George Herbert’s “Virtue” emphasizes the spiritual truth that this world and life itself is beautiful. However, despite its beauty all of creation will come to a fiery end which will leave…

Reading comprehension, figurative language instruction

Figurative Language

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Introduction             Many students in American schools today speak English as a foreign language. The English language learner (ELL) finds that English contains words and phrases that may seem confusing because of the disparity between the literal and figurative meanings. These words and phrases are used in everyday conversations by native speakers but ELL students…

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