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Industrial training report sample


Words: 4294 (18 pages)

1. 0 INTRODUCTION On my first day in the establishment, I was taken to the Data processing department where I was to work for six months and was put in the category of the temporary workers. I was introduced to the heads of the data processing department and also most of the staffs that I…

Stages of a Basic Systematic Training Cycle


Words: 340 (2 pages)

Training, as most people think of it, is about building specific skills. The utility and connection of training to the workplace is implied. Professional trainers have another take on training which they dub performance improvement. Here the focus is on solving performance problems to achieve business results. Performance improvement encompasses skills training but also considers…

Why Is Evaluating Training an Important Part of Strategic Training?


Words: 712 (3 pages)

Effective training requires the use of a systematic training process. Evaluation of training is one part of this, it allows you Measure training outcomes and Compare outcome to training objectives and criteria. Evaluation of training compares the post-training results to the pre-training objectives of managers, trainers, and trainees. Too often, training is conducted with little…

Siwes Industrial Training Report


Words: 1375 (6 pages)

INTRODUCTION The pupils industrial work experience ( SIWES ) is a skill preparation plan designed to expose and fix pupils of higher establishment for the working environment they are likely to run into after graduation. SIWES was established by industrial preparation fund ( ITF ) in 1973 to work out the job of deficiency of…

Essay – Ojt training Summary


Words: 273 (2 pages)

OBSERVATION The trainee who was training at different companies with the different field of practice,observed the differences and their similarities. Another thing that the trainee observed was therules and regulation that the companies initiated. Before entering the company, regular friskingand baggage inspections were conducted. Trainees are not included as a visitor. Another was theNO smoking,…

Reserve Officers’ Training Corps


Words: 555 (3 pages)

Discuss how the mission and vision of the Mapua – C. W. T. S. and R. O. T. C. aims are severally reflected in the C. W. T. S. and R. O. T. C. activities. The C. W. T. S. activities promote societal consciousness and civic consciousness by traveling to different communities and being cognizant…

Process for Determining Individuals Needs and Readiness for Training


Words: 403 (2 pages)

This makes It Imperative that employers properly assess and evaluate who has a lack of the specific skills, knowledge, and abilities required of the employees In their respective positions. The person analysis is a process for determining individuals’ needs and readiness for training” (Gerhard, et al. , 2011, p. 193). More specifically, this analysis helps…

Are Workplace Romances Unethical


Words: 407 (2 pages)

A large percentage of married individuals first met in the workplace. A 2005 survey reveled that 58 percent of all employees have been in an office romance. Given the amount of time people spend at work, this isn’t terribly surprising. Yet office romances pose sensitive ethical issues for organizations and employees. What rights and responsibilities…

Yamaha Motor India Training Report


Words: 2217 (9 pages)

This is to certify that the project entitled “Any Abnormality in Pretreatment Process(Fuel Tank)” has been carried out by SUMIT GAUR under my guidance in partial fulfillment of the requirement of the case study during summer training. To the best of my knowledge and belief this work has not been submitted elsewhere for any purpose….

What is circuit training?


Words: 1970 (8 pages)

Circuit training is a method of training. A circuit usually has 8 to 15 stations, where at each station a different exercise is carried out for a certain amount of time. Circuit training can improve muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, aerobic fitness, muscular strength, speed and agility.A circuit-training program may also be designed for a certain…

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How do you explain training?
Training is teaching, or developing in oneself or others, any skills and knowledge or fitness that relate to specific useful competencies. Training has specific goals of improving one's capability, capacity, productivity and performance.
What is the importance of training essay?
Training helps the employees in various ways. Employee can acquire knowledge and job skills which provide feeling of confidence. The profession of useful skills enhances their value to their employer, increase earning power. Training may also qualify them for promotion to be more responsible towards their job.
Why is training so important?
Training and development programs provide a host of benefits. They enhance employee performance, boost employee productivity, reduce employee turnover, and improve company culture. Explore the importance of training and development programs for employees and employers by pursuing a career in human resources.

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